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New invention to dry surgery stitches fast

Updated on December 28, 2015

Old practices vs new findings

The wounds after operation till today have been dried and protected from infection by antibiotics medicines.But in a journal named Medical Hypotheses an article was published that researchers have found out a new cure to prevent infection and dry the after surgery wounds .It has been said that the wounds could be prevented from the bacterial infection by exposing the wound to carbon di oxide gas ,which can also destroy the bacteria .Moreover It would hasten the healing process too.

It has also been found that the liquid carbon -di- oxide keeps the wounds warm and supple and soft for which there is less tear of the skin tissue due to drying of the wound ,in this way the recovery hastens and the stitches dry fast .Researchers are thinking of doing human trials for this finding.

After I read this article it made me thinking of a simple home remedy that my granny and mom use to perform, if ever we had cuts or wound while playing . My mom use to burn some wool and used to fill that carbon ash in our cuts .after some days the wound got repaired without stitches .It never stuck that it was the miracle of burnt carbon ash that did the work of a repair without leading to any infection .Today these are all done under scientific research .Previously they were simple home tips that our ancestors used to cure thing. Life was pretty simple and so were the cures which lay all around us in nature.


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