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The Nihilist's Guide To Self-Actualization: A Travelogue for Beginners

Updated on October 6, 2009

Welcome to my blog for Self-Actualizing Nihilists (this is a proper noun).  I must warn you, however, this is not a self-help course, nor is any mystical hub of information to save your soul.  It has nothing to do with political nihilists or anarchy either.  It is, in most cases, simply about life.  What else is there anyways?

Who is the nihilist?  The nihilist participates in the complete destruction of an order so as to clear the way for a reconstruction of another order that is of greater stature.  A true nihilist will include himself in this circle of destruction.  The Self-Actualized Nihilist must also destroy himself in order to create a higher order.  Taking what is known in mind and experience, and then holding it against a light of complete skepticism is the goal of the Self-Actualized Nihilist.  This is done with the goal of reconstructing his mind, his perspectives, and his construct of the world.  Let’s call it personal home improvement.


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