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No Need for Fear

Updated on February 1, 2010

Person You Fear is Just Like You


Do you ever wonder why we sometimes feel frightened of others? Why do we have to deal with intimidation, or downright fear when we deal with some people? When I say some people, I am not talking about someone who we should watch out for - murderers, thieves, rapists, or known cheats. I am talking about someone who is just as law-abiding and normal as the rest of us.

The astounding fact is many of go about our daily lives with intimidation for certain people. There are many instances where we rub shoulders, share space and maybe work on projects together, but yet there is an underlying fear that creates a wall and hinders true relationship. Who are these objects of fear?

Well, amazingly, some of us harbor fear for someone who is from across town; some guys are shy of certain girls because they are smart, eloquent and too beautiful; some people are intimidated by people of another race or color; some people get along well with their bosses - they share jokes, hang out for lunch, exchange stories about their families and more - and while there is mutual respect between them, yet there is some amount of intimidation; others are quiet even among family and refuse to open up for fear of negative reactions; and still others fear their spouses - calling it respect or deference - when it's neither. I could go on.

Why do we allow so many areas of intimidation to mess with life and leave us gasping for air?

Let us hear the conclusion to the whole matter. There is no need to be intimidated by the next man or woman, because he or she is just like you. Regardless of how much money they have, what kind of car they drive, how many degrees they hold, what color skin they have or what position they hold, they have many similarities to you. To begin with, none of us is perfect. Each person has a flaw and some of us have many. Let's add some more.

Did you know that every person passes gas (fart) and passes waste stuff - from back and front? Forget his position or her flashy beauty - they do what you do. In fact, next time you are talking to someone whom you find intimidating, just imagine them fighting to hold one (fart) in. Now that should put you at ease.

We all deal with stuff and experience similar emotions: sadness, anxiety, loneliness, helplessness, etc. We all have some kind of fear. Some person you fear may be afraid of a cockroach, while you have handled snakes. We all cry, we all mess up, we all long for companionship, and we all fail at some things.

Let us tell ourselves that we are just like that person over there, up there, waltzing by here and that God created us alike - in His imgage and after His likeness. Why then should I fear my twin brother or twin sister?

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