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Winter Snow Storm Tips & Advice to prevent from getiing snowed-in

Updated on March 7, 2012

Blizzards of 2009 & 2010

The entire city of New York got snowed in back in 2009 & 2010, and we somehow survived to tell the tale, there are some pretty major precautions and preventative measures to take prior to the winters arrival, and definitely before a projected snow storms landfall.

Keep in mind the city isn't the safest place neither in a major snow storm so you must, be careful if you try going out in it all, plan ahead. Here's some useful tips to help prepare. Learning from people's past events, survival stories, trials & testimony helps to prevent from many potential future outcomes, from working against you & your family members. Safety is always first to be put on the agenda, before anything is to be though out so be smart & do what's safe, as well as right for everyone.

  • There's 9 differing types of snow storms according to

New York City 2010 - Major Snow Storm

Get yourself some firewood

If you live in the mountains, and near a heavy snow fall or avalanche zone, make sure to look towards alternatives in the event of a major snow storms approach, definitely fetch and stock up some firewood.

Matches and lighters are essential, because lighter fluid may run out, and flash lights can run out of batteries, power grids can fail, and if generators run out or low, the best alternative heat spark is a Match.

Get Water

Water is the single most important necessity during any major storm, and especially for the fact that there's no telling how long you are possibly going to be snowed in. Humans require minimum of seven glasses of drinking water per day, to sustain normal bodily functions.

Emergency contact numbers

You definitely should have handy all the emergency contact number available, just in case the need comes, and help or assistance is needed, by you or any family members who request medical assistance or for any other required reasons. Severe weather and major snow storms aren't a game to be played with.

Foods & Non-perishables

Food is paramount and make sure you have at least a weeks supply, just in case the storm doesn't blow over in time to replenish.

Think wisely and count the number of people in need of rations, and don't eat everything all in one day, if the storm is such a massive blow it may knock out power lines, and cause other issues such as impassable roads, down trees due to high winds, and much more.

Be smart & use common sense if any attempts of travel is to be done.

Back up generators

The use of a generator is warranted, but advised to be used only under severe cases, because one must realize the severity of such a potential hazard, that a powerful snow blizzard may have. If you think about things far ahead you can save yourself, and others as well, from possible loss of life, and or bodily harms.

Having two back up generators will work wonders, and so try to use such a power source sparingly if any, for intentions to remain warm at the harshest moments, and for warming of food.

It's getting cold out there

Miscellaneous Items

Batteries, Flash lights, sleeping bags, comforters, and any other warm garments need to be obtained, way before such an event and occurrence is to occur, such as a severe snow storm or Blizzard.

The major importance of all your outer body parts needed warmth will make all the difference, meaning you need thermal clothing, hats, gloves, scarves, ear muffs, wool socks, sweaters, and even a snow suit, especially if you are to venture off into the snow covered forest, woods, mountainous areas, or even city areas or townships covered by the snow.

Transport during a heavy Snow storm

Keep in mind that your vehicle will need to have all of the above mentioned as well, prior to getting out onto the road, the smartest thing is to stay home, especially if you have no time to get away from the storms approach due to time constraints.

Carry a shovel no matter what, a scraper, and if you traveling with more then one passenger have ample supplies for the both of you, just in case the vehicle gets stuck out on a long stretch of road.

Realize that even if you have snow tires, the traction in a huge storm, or blizzard condition will become negligible. So make sure to plan any attempts at making a road trip during a snow storm of any magnitude, far ahead of time, at least 6-12 hours prior to its projected land fall.

All Drivers beware of Road hazards, during major snow storms

Potential Hazards, threats to life & Road safety

People think mostly since they live in a town that everything will be OK, but there have been cases, where such things as hypothermia has occurred, frostbite, and many other injuries or potential deaths related to over exposure of the cold elements & intense climate of a severe winter condition. Major vehicle accidents seem to occur much more frequently due to inclement weather, unsafe roads, and poor driving habits during snow storms.

Roads are slick with potential black ice, many roads get blocked by heavy snow fall so drice cautiously to prevent potential can accidents or crashes. Other things that may occur while attempting to drive in a snow storm are; many cars get easily off roaded, cars get stuck & trapped in deep snow mounds, people have been known to get stranded for hours on end, with no help in sight, and all due to extreme deep snow or blizzard conditions on the road.

Be wise arrive alive, but plan for the worst prior to any attempts at making a long or even short road trip during major or even minor snow storms.

Many driver rush all the time, and even during a snow storm so be careful out there, its a hectic risk to take to the roads, ice storms emerge at times as well during blizzard, and other snow storms.

Road protective devices to look out for, use & or purchase

  • Road flares
  • Orange Colored Safety Cones big & small
  • Yellow Tape
  • Police Barricades
  • Flashing hazard lights
  • High beams at night in zero visibility snow cover

Avalanche sites & areas, Ski resorts, and things to be concerned -

If your in an avalanche area and a major snow storm is present, be smart and stay off the slops, there's a great potential at such a time for loss of life so think safety first. Ski resorts generally will close their business of normal operations during a major category 4 or 5 snow storm, and so don't act like a super hero & try to disobey their laws, because from that point your looking to get harmed in the worst of ways.

No help is generally the answer if you try, by being non-sensible, and being stubborn. Waiting for the snow storm to get out of the clear is the wisest decision to make, and getting out of the area helps even more, prior to the storms approach, reschedule the trip for another time even with the ski resort, I'm sure they will refund you.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Ms Dora for stopping and reading my hub, I figured why not answer a question with a hub today, and so this just popped out. I'll never forget all the snow storms me & my family have survived, thank the lord.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for the reminders. There are all important.