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Nothing is Indiscriminate

Updated on January 16, 2013

Nothing is Indiscriminate

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

How indiscriminate they seem, those events in life that break us; those harrowing experiences that test our will and resolve to remain in this mortal realm. How often they feel pointedly targeted, and we the victim of some cosmic conspiracy, seek blame. How vengeful can we feel, bearing the brunt of this omniscient judgement? Anger wells from deep within us to avenge this abuse and we feel justified in our actions. If only all this were true.

Life is a landscape on which we enact the course of our individual lives. Within it are events: triumphs, disasters and everything between. Each experience holds a lesson of learning; this is the human experience. Our lives are influenced by our thoughts and attitudes, which motivate our actions and responses to life’s circumstances. Difficulty is a necessary divice that exists because we need to learn something from that experience. Once learned and understood that circumstance does not need to happen again.

This process of learning from our experience guides us along a path either filled with obstacles or smooth and unhindered, depending on whether we have learned or not. There is no-one to blame except ourselves. It is our hands alone that decide the course of these events, the day-to-day events created by our thoughts, attitudes, biases and propensities. The buck stops here. Fate may play a part on some level, but most of our experience is propagated by our wants and wishes, how we see ourselves and the world and how we deal with life, minute to minute.

The master behind this is not God or any other omniscient being, simply the mechanism of ‘cause and effect’ -the process of finding balance. This is commonly understood by science and nature and it applies also to human thought and action. Much the same as pressing against a wall creates an opposite force from the wall, to maintain balance. If the wall did not exert an equal force back, the wall would topple. ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ Once again, applying this to human thought; if you mentally push against ‘something’ with a particular level of force that force is returned equally as a consequence of preserving balance. In simpler terms, when you push for something to happen in your life, it pushes back with the same force, thus creating an obstacle. By pushing you give strength to that which you are trying to overcome. Pushing is a very bad habit that gets us nowhere.

Success in anything is achieved without obstacles when we learn to think clearly and decisively, establishing a path of possibility and eventual physical manifestation. Pushing and blaming anything at all when everything goes wrong, shows our ignorance about how our thoughts work and how they affect our lives and circumstance.

Again, negative experience, blockages, obstacle and strife are a result of our inept thoughts and attitudes. They exist for us to learn from these mistakes. The sooner we realise what we are doing is wrong and it doesn’t work to our advantage, the sooner we can restore balance and work with life in a positive way.

Forget blame, forget judging yourself and others, and get down to understanding how all this works. It’s simple, its logical and when we become aware of the process we can make our lives so much better and easier. So forget being a victim of life and start taking control. It’s yours for the taking.


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