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Novartis Seeks to Impress the World with the LCZ696

Updated on August 9, 2014

A new heart failure drug is destined for the market as a multi billion dollar seller. Cardiologist are providing surveys, in order to back this drug's potential for success. This new drug for the heart has been named LCZ696. Its design is to treat patients with chronic heart failure problems; heart conditions constricting efficient blood flow throughout the body. A medical miracle of this magnitude would boost the hopes of the doctors and patients that have been baffled by the abundance of cases that result in heart failure to no avail.

Novartis International AG is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company that is based in Basil , Switzerland. As an ideal promoter of the LCZ696, Novartis is considered number one in sales ranking: Sales—57.0 billion worldwide during 2013. In addition to those numbers, there are positive on-lookers that have no qualms attempting to justify the manufacturing of the LCZ696 product.

Novartis manufactures drugs: clozapine (Clozaril), diclofenac (Voltaren), carbamazepine (Tegretol), valsartan (Diovan) and imatinib mesylate (Gleevec/Glivec).

“We don’t know what the numbers look like but if you did have a 15 to 16 percent reduction in relative risk … that would be a number that translates to a pretty darn big drug,” said Novartis Chief Executive Joe Jimenez.

According to sources, the LCZ696 drug is a combination of two hypertension therapies--valsartan and AHU-377. In elaboration, the valsartan spurs vasodilation to flush sodium and water through the kidneys, while AHU-377 is created in order to block a threatening enzyme that is hazardous to a pair of blood pressure lowering peptides.

For the most part, Novartis is positive about this venture, as well; as Novartis has said LCZ696 could successfully reach an annual peak sales of $2 billion to $5 billion. In summary, health patients, doctors, and investors are excited about the new heart conditioning medication. This kind of accomplishment will prove worthy to the medical and pharmaceutical industry worldwide.


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