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Updated on November 16, 2015


Volume 4, Issue 1, September 16, 2013

Amazingly when we are sleeping our minds are still actively working to send all the needed nutrients and transmissions of chemicals to every part of our bodies. But, haven’t you ever wondered what happens and why it happens when we are in a dream state that our brains conjure up activities from nothing at all. So what do I mean? Well those incredible dreams that the mind has put on a projected screen in our minds, and it feels so real but it actually never happened in our awakened state of mind or in our life. Those are the dreams I am talking about. So vivid and real to us that they sometimes make us feel we have lived it. So do some people even relate this to Déjà vu? Where do these dreams come from and why are they so real that our dreams act like a projector that is putting activities we engage in, by us on film in our minds?

First of all, our brain has neuron-transmitters throughout our bodies that shoot electrical waves throughout our bodies vital systems, major organs, muscles, and our bloodstream interactions that carry molecules. The neuron-transmitters are awake in every aspect of our functioning.

Dream states or Dream-scapes are a part of this functioning state of mind. The neuron-transmitters are part of the conscious mind, unconscious mind, sub-conscious mind, and most often the learned behaviors that we learn in our lifetime. Throughout our lifetime we actually increase the amount of neuron-transmitters in our brains and that is how it is developed, and engaged by activities, by recalling different routines and segments in our lives through the subconscious mind. The Neuron-transmitters build, stem out, and develop throughout our lifetime and most of all during the time we perform routine behaviors. For example, when we get up in the morning make coffee, read a paper, go to work, follow a route to work, etc. etc. routinely then, it so happens the development of stems of Neuron-transmitters are built. For every routine behavior there is a neuron-transmitter in the brain.

The human genome project was a project in the instance that science discovered there where many interactions with our molecular structure and brain interactions; it was also part of the project that inspired and concentrated study on behaviors and there link to the neuron-transmissions in the brain. What fittingly followed was the discovery that the neuron-transmitters that were in more abundance during the conscious and routine states of mind, where recalled or activated when the sub-conscious state of mind was triggered. In other words, we automatically follow a routine without thinking about it and we carry out this task or routine. This is part of the sub-conscious. However, the sub-conscious is the state of mind where it stores all the routine behaviors we perform and this is most active during the active state of recall and performing the routine behaviors. For example, if I was to take my regular drive that would be part of the memory recalls in my sub-conscious mind that I could rely upon to perform the same routine. Our brain is amazing and it could reproduce neuron-transmitters when we develop more routines and it stores them for the next recall or routine. It is also the same human genome project that laid more out on the table in regards to the chemical compound discoveries that produce Oxygen for the body to heal itself.

The conscious mind is our awakened state of mind and there are many interactions that our mind or otherwise known as the brain is receptive and actively engaged in and we are fully aware of it consciously. This is when we are fully awake and engaged in learning something or using our functions in the brain to figure out something.

If we lose consciousness for several minutes (average seven minutes) it could be fatal or there could be irreversible brain damage during the unconscious state. This could be if we are in a drowning state, or in an accident where we injure the head and brain, the unconscious mind has several different states when it is unconscious that if it does not get Oxygen it could very well die and then the body follows the dying brain where it terminates all functions in the body.

It is also a well-known fact that without the brain function we cannot engage the functions of the rest of the body, if it is not producing the neuron-transmissions optimally. If the neuron-transmitters are mutated or not correctly functioning the transmission is wrong; so to speak the message to the rest of the body and brain. It is just like the plans of a system that is in err and it does not function correctly. The malfunctions in our brain could very well cause diseases in our body and the body systems. Sometimes the brain is fine at birth but then we may have an accident like traumatic brain injury (TBI) then it impairs the brain, if we do not exercise it or take in Oxygen in time to recover the transmissions that matter in the instance.

The unconscious state of mind is sometimes called the dream state but our brain is still functioning but not in an alert state of mind and it re-juvenates, rests, and delivers whatever is left in storage in the brain of the routine transmissions this is when the body is not alert or in a knowing state of mind. Meaning it is not conscious or awake.

So why do we dream? Well frankly, no one knows the answer to this mysterious question; there is theory about what triggers nightmares in stressful states of consciousness and there is linkage to what we desire and the mind plays out a role for you in your mind and acts out the activities in your Dream-scape. It is not known it is part of many the mysterious and unknown frontiers that we have yet to understand fully.

Although the mind could be monitored in its dream-scape by MRI the actual projected state in a dream cannot be seen, it can only be relayed back by the subject of what the dream was about.

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