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Numerology - The Truth

Updated on April 9, 2011

 I couldn't help noticing the google ads which appear when you sign-out from hubpages which promote these 'new' online numerology websites which claim to tell you about your future based on calculating the numbers of certain days & years. My objective in this article is to clarify some common mistakes made about the academic study of Numerology, mainly based on stereotypical assumptions due to scam websites and tarot affiliation.

 If we look back into history we can see that many well respected scientists and philosophers such as Newton, Pythagoras, Einstein, Plato and civilizations such as the Ancient Babylonians, Greeks and Egyptians dedicated their lives to exploring and studying numbers and their importance in our lives. It is also interesting that if we study nature we can see patterns emerge. Examples can be noted such as

Number 3 represents creation: Man + Woman = Child,  Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun which is the only planet which harbours life in our solar system.

Fibonacci highlighted:

You have ...

  • 2 hands each of which has ...
  • 5 fingers, each of which has ...
  • 3 parts separated by ...
  • 2 knuckles

Patterns are things that repeat over and over. Patterns can be sets of objects, actions, or characteristics. Other examples can be seen in the consistency of Honeycombs or snowflakes, these 3 examples are just the ones I have chosen to mention for the article, hundreds more can be found when researching the subject in books or online.

Important Numerology Numbers

Many of these websites and newly promoted books place more emphasis on the day you were born (i.e 3rd, 14th) or an important day to you such as your wedding. This all creates confusion to the most important number in your life, it is also something that requires great analysis.

To start with I want to outline the most important number which will help you understand your personality and maybe improve some of your negative qualities, you might as well forget everything you have read about the subject and just concentrate on this number. Numerologists gain information about each numbers qualities by constantly surveying people and recording their character traits, this information is then recorded on a chart and patterns are then drawn from it. Some sceptics may dismiss this as a generalization but you have to bare in mind it is there to learn from and it is up to you which conclusion you come to.

The first book I found on the subject was clear and kept each number's personality traits to one page, it was a small book which I found in my dad's study. This was 8 years ago and I was sceptical at first but I did see comparisons between my number and the type of personality I had, I also saw the qualities of my friends and their numbers. I since met teachers at college and made friends with people who I have later found out also share an interest in this subject.

You can calculate your number by adding together the numbers in your date of birth until you result in a single digit. For example: If yours was 10/05/1983, you would begin by:

1+5 = 6 then...

6+1 = 7 then...

7+9 = 16 and 1+6 = 7

7+8 = 15 and 1+5 = 6

6 + 3 = 9

There you have it, your number, it isn't hard if you have an ounce of concentration. I have left zero's out because they have no value in the numerologists chart.

Personality Types & Famous people with them

1 If you have this number, then you entered the world with skills in order to fulfill a destiny in leadership of some kind. Number ones often display a strong sense of the following characteristics; independent, determined, You are very firm in your principles and point of view, confident and like to explore being naturally adventurous. You are one of the numbers which has a strong connection to the intuitive mind. You are able to make your own path and can take up a cause and others will follow you. When things aren't going as planned negative qualities of the number 1 can be that you are sometimes aggressive, bossy, demanding, and if you are in a position where you cannot lead you may resort to the opposite and become too dependant and unsatisfied.

A famous person with the Number 1 was Dr Martin Luther King.

2. The number 2 is the natural diplomatic and communicator. You will very often display the following characteristics; compassionate,gentle and and seek peace. You value emotions and like to listen and absorb, having persuasive skills rather than using force. You are wise having listened and understood a lot from the different people you encounter. Although you will not get along with everyone, manners are important to you and you will always be pleasant and polite to people surrounding you. In negative situation you can sometimes display these bad qualities: nervous energy which out of character for you, you are normally easy going yet will display emotional outrage. You may become indecisive and will struggle with this, apathy and lethargy can make you very pessimistic.

A famous person with the Number 2  is Bill Clinton.

3. The number 3 is born with the a strong sense of creativeness, and a wonderful talent for communicating their ideas. They are the number of originality, expressing themselves and entertaining at the same time. The possess a combination of logic, reason and intellect. They are almost always optimistic, and are comedians, artistic, and inventive. They stress harmony, beauty and are pleasure loving. Life is lived to the full often without worry of tomorrow. It is easy for you to deal with problems because you can usually admit to them and bounce back. You struggle in a routine environment and over contemplative people frustrate you, to others you may appear to frivolous and scatter your abilities with no sense of real purpose.

A famous person with the  Number 3 is the artist Salvador Dali.

4. As a number 4 you entered this world as a possible natural genius for planning, fixing, building and making things work. You are the most trustworthy, practical and one of the cornerstone of members of any society. Having a mechanical aptitude, you are also drawn to mental building work, making good physiatrists. You can conceive the most grand and far-reaching of concepts and carry them through to the end. You are often orderly and loyal to your ways and also to partners liking to 'tend your garden'. Negative qualities of this number can be that you appear to caught up with daily routines, narrow-minded, repressive and sometimes dogmatic.

A famous person with the Number 4  is Sigmund Freud.

Number 5 - traveller
Number 5 - traveller

5. This number suggests that you are highly charged, mentally and physically. You are a free-bird and seek variety, being stuck in a rut isn't an option for you. You like to motivate people around you, being versatile, adventurous and an advanced thinker. You are always looking for answers to life's questions and your concern for your fellow man extends your love of freedom to humankind in general. You are the life of the party! any party where you are is guaranteed not to be a boring one. Negative traits of the number 5 are that when you are restless or discontent, it is your impulse to bounce from one job to the next without achieving much at all. In love, you need to find a partner who is totally trustworthy and understands that you don't like to be suffocated and that you don't like to be confined to the same routines.

A famous person with the Number 5 is Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones

6. If you were born with this number, you are likely to be affectionate and highly caring. You have a philisophical mind, principled and have a sense of responsibility for every task you undertake. You are very domesticated and have an aesthetic sense towards the finer things in life, enjoying good food, beauty and good living. You are wise and nuturing, sharing your advice freely, and like to help those who are weaker than you. You are a realist and the most important things to you are family, friends and home. Negative traits are that to others you may appear interfering at times, aggressive and have low self-esteem when not being useful. Ideal career opportunities for this number could include the areas of politics, nursing and catering, anything which involves a social responsibility.

A famous person with the number 6 is former U.S president Richard Nixon.

7. This is the number of ultimate investigation and requires great analysis and observation. You are a perfectionist and evaluate situations with accuracy resulting in thoroughness in the work you complete. You expect others to meet your high standards when performing also. You are highly spiritual and peaceful, however you do not gather a large circle of friends for your own, preferring to concentrate on those you have come to know as sincere and those you have accepted are friends for life. You have a spiritual wisdom and also draw from intellectual, scientific and studious resources, however you never accept something at face value until you have dissected and drawn your independent conclusion. Negative qualities are that to others you may appear arrogant(yes you do), introverted and overly sensitive.

A famous person with the Number 7 is former U.S president John.F.Kennedy.

8. If you are born with this numbers energies, you are more than likely very ambitious and orientated towards achieving goals. You like to be organised in what you do and manage yourself and your environment. You carve a satisfying niche for yourself and there is an inspirational quality in you which could allow you to become a great leader, you like to oversee and govern. Your success in life, will be largely due to your ability of working hard, often you are the 'workaholic'. Being very analytical you are known to have the almost 'psychic ability' linked to the intuitive mind. Negative traits can be that the number 8 sometimes comes across as dictorial, and often supresses the enthuiasm and efforts of the fellow team mates. They can be intolerate of others and their feelings.

A famous person with the Number 8  is artist Pablo Picasso.

Jim Carrey is an example of No9 personality
Jim Carrey is an example of No9 personality

9. Finally, last but far from least, Number 9. This number absorbs and reflects all of the previous numbers. They are the Humanitarian, having strong issues on morals and striving for justice and change in the world. They are the preacher, but not always in the conventional manner, they can understand concepts which the rest of us are unable to grasp. They are friendly, kind, humourous, wise and philisophical. They are often scientists, artists, writers, actors, musicians and comedians. They often a jack of trades, master of none, they are that person you meet and say 'Ive met you before somewhere'. Negative qualities are that when there is a sense of uneveness, they can become destructive and a law unto themselves, with an explosive temper. They can retreat in moodyness, the absense of father figure, especially for the male number 9 can be distressful and even an agonising experience.

A Famous person with the Number 9 is Jim Carrey.

On a rare occasion when your birthdate cannot be reduced to a single digit there are what they call 'master numbers', these include 11,22 and 33 and possess a great responisbility and purpose in life. I will continue to explore these numbers in a following article.

To summarise this article I would just like to say that there other factors which can also affect your personality obviously such as others around you. Other numbers that can make a small contribution to your personality are your name number, first name and surname, but it is your birthdate number that shines through strongest and guides your life direction.


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