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Nursing School Semester 1 Update

Updated on March 9, 2012

Currently, I have been in nursing school for a month and I already can't imagine what my next semester will be like. This is an exciting journey but it is not what I expected so far.

For some reason, I expected a lot of the nursing students to be my age. I was surprised to see that most of them are not even close to my age. I am pretty sure that I am the youngest in most of my classes at 19 years old.


I'm not complaining because it's a pretty cool change, but the fact that most of my classmates are older than me makes it difficult for me to make friends.

So far my classes are not very difficult but they are very time consuming. I have five classes. English, Information Literacy, Anatomy & Physiology 1, Philosophy and Intro to Nursing.

I wish I had more time to just focus solely on my science courses but that's not really possible.

My main goal is to try and retain as much as I can from my science courses because the concepts from those classes are going to stick with me through out my nursing career.

My tip for any nursing student, is to try and understand what you are studying rather than memorizing. I have found that when I truly understand something, it sticks with me.

Being a nursing student has already given me a sense of accomplishment. I had to compete with others to get into nursing school but I made it. I am also one of the youngest in my class and I am a minority. This just makes me want to work even harder.

Even though getting into nursing school for me was the easiest part, I am still proud of the effort I put forth to get to where I am today in my first semester.

No matter what level of nursing school you are in, don't give up. With hard work anything can be accomplished.

I recently got my grades back from my first exam in anatomy and physiology 1, and I was very disappointed in myself all because I got 84%. I wanted to get an A so bad that I began to feel horrible.

A few days later when I compared my grades with a few of my classmates, I realized that I didn't do so bad. Immediately, I stopped putting myself down and started to work harder so that I can get my grades where I want them to be.

Besides, what was I thinking!...A "B" is pretty good and it's passing! =)

One of my teachers stated that it would be nice to get an "A" on every exam but that doesn't always happen. This was very eye opening and it helped me get back to reality. It's not unrealistic to get all "A's" but that doesn't always happen.

More updates on my nursing school journey will be coming soon. Thanks for reading! :)


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    • KySmith profile image

      Kyndall Smith 6 years ago from Milwaukee

      Thanks for the comment! It's really cool to hear from someone who's been through it and been successful.

    • EstellaGrace profile image

      EstellaGrace 6 years ago from New York

      You're very welcome!! This will be a great way for you to keep written memories of your encounters.

    • KySmith profile image

      Kyndall Smith 6 years ago from Milwaukee

      @EstellaGrace, Thank you for commenting and thanks for the words of encouragement. =) I really appreciate it. I'm glad you became interested as you continued reading. I'm new to the whole writing thing and I just want to document my experiences and different things that interest me.

    • EstellaGrace profile image

      EstellaGrace 6 years ago from New York

      Hi KySmith! I have to be honest, at first while reading I was kinda disinterested. Then I got to the "19 years old" and "minority" parts, and I am immediately your biggest cheerleader! I love to hear about young girls in this country working hard, and wanting to take care of themselves! You are doing all of the right things, and as a fellow US Citizen, I am very proud of you! I am currently enrolled back to school (but I'm 27) and I am taking some sciences (which I love!) but they are H-A-R-D!!! An 84 is NOTHING to be ashamed of in A&P, that's for sure!!! You're going to do great! I am also happy to hear that your disappointments in life motivate you to do better, rather than discouraging you from moving forward! You've got the right attitude, and you're doing Great! I will be following your blogs about nursing school, so keep them coming!

      Good Luck with EVERYTHING! :)