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Nursing Career and CRNE in Canada

Updated on September 10, 2013
Nursing job in Canada
Nursing job in Canada | Source

Dream to work in canada

Do you have a dream to achieve opportunities to learn and grow and make bigger strides in your career? If you have answered in an affirmative YES then this article is for you. Here, we have described what you shall you do if you hve completed your degree in nursing.

Degree in nursing
Degree in nursing

What is next after the completion of degree or diploma course in nursing?

Well, if you have a diploma in nursing then we suggest that you look for a degree in nursing and if you have degree in nursing (have got passed with good percentage in it) then we suggest that you start your practice anywhere you can so that you can have the chance to gain some practical experience of what you have learned during your nursing program at your nursing school. It is always necessary to work in an environment which can support learning and growth.

Flag Canada

Flag of Canada
Flag of Canada

What is next after this?

Well, if you are working in your field as a junior nurse or a senior nurse and you have a dream to explore more learning and career opportunities then we suggest that you apply for nursing job in Canada. Yes, you have read right. You can apply for a job in Canada as nurse because nurses in Canada always have great opportunities to learn and earn. You can experience a great change in your career and you can embark on new learning opportunities.

Why apply for a job in Canada?

Well, you can apply for a nurse-job in Canada. Canada is now one of the renowned countries which have got sophisticated hospitals, health care centers etc. There has even been noted an increase in the demand for the nurses.

With the increase in awareness of the proper maintenance of the health and the most common health issues, the numbers of hospital or health care centers also have increased. This has lead to an increase in demand. This is really the right time to apply for visa and start your career in Canada. If you have experience in your field of nursing then it is recommended that you shall apply for the nursing career.

What is requisite for nursing profession in Canada?

Well, it is not going to be easier for anyone to get into health sector here in Canada. For the purpose of gaining an entry in hospitals or any health care center here you will have to prove that you are competent and that you possess all qualities. If you are here in Canada and you are looking for a job in any hospital or any health care centre then there are chances that you will get the job but it can’t be guaranteed that you will be able to go on for a longer time.

To be able to work in Canada as nurse it will be necessary for you to get registered first and if you do not then you will miss out on the chance to pursue a long-term career.

CRNE – Canadian registered nursing examination

If you are good at English then you need to prove that you are really so and if you are not then definitely you will not get a chance to work here because Canada is an English speaking country. For the purpose of gaining an entry into health industry here, you will have to first go through a test as well which is known as CRNE (it stands for Canadian Registered Nurse Examination). There will only be multiple choice questions but you will have to be careful in answering while taking this test. All questions will be related to field of nursing but you will hve to good sense of judgment because sometimes even a simple question can be asked in a roundabout manner.

What if you do not get through this CRNE?

If you do not get through this CRNE then you will surely miss out on the chance to work as a registered nurse because many of the provinces or territories require you to get a good score in CRNE. If you do not take this exam then definitely you will not be able to reap long-term benefits of working here in Canada as a nurse.

Is CRNE all about language proficiency in English or about nursing?

Well, this can’t be answered in just a few words. It will be wrong to say that CRNE is just aimed at assessing the language level of the applicant or it can’t even be said this that it is an exam which is aimed at judging the medical knowledge of the nurses who wish to work in Canada as a registered nurse. But what can be said in simple words is this that this exam is focused on language + medical knowledge. See, it is already said that English is spoken in Canada and is the language of the medical sector here and if you are someone who has come from non-English speaking background then definitely you will not be able to interact well and you will not be able to justify with your profession. In order to express what knowledge you have of your profession you will have to use English.

So it can be said here that CRNE is just aimed at both the assessment of the English language of the applicant plus the medical knowledge of the nurses. If you are a nurse and you possess good knowledge of your profession or you even have good communication skills in English language then it is necessary that you shall register for the exam as this exam can bring for you a large number of options of working in Canada as a registered nurse.


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