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Updated on May 8, 2016


Some would say the pyramids in Egypt were brought in by aliens yea I could see that working, others would condemn that as pure myth, but one thing that can and must be acknowledged is the fact that while we stand in awe of the marvel, you must admit it takes pure genius to work out that each and every stone laid is meticulously thought with exact precision that in itself cannot even be conceived to day exempting particular achievements like the Dubai Hotel and palm Islands.

But even so it took a chain of nearly 100,000 men working in three monthly stints and that was on the Great Pyramid according to Herodotus, mind you slave labour was more prominent then plus they could only work three months of any particular year especially of the inundated period, when the workforce could not be employed on the land, even so you have got to feel for those slaves back then can you imagine that happening in today's world, oh and by the way when you've finished building whatever your building were going to bury you in it right yea OK it just wouldn't work.

Any way where was I oh yes the Egyptians were very astute in the ways of astrology, for instance every precipice of the pyramid is done within absolute accuracy to co-incide with the positioning of he stars, that takes some doing even by today's standard, consider this small but very insignificant fact that every pyramid, sphinx took at least 20 years to finish and even though time has not been kind it still amazes me that these marvels of ancient times are still standing after thousands of years.


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