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OCW Aphorisms

Updated on February 24, 2012

1. Personal emotions positive and negative should be focused on one's meditation and meditative experience, then one's immediate surroundings, then positive emotions can be extended to distal factors. No negative emotions should arise from hypothetical or distal factors, this is a mistake that causes dysphoria.

2. Current experience is all that exists subjectively, all else is illusion or extrapolation.

3. The pure ego should be concerned only with the artistic and euphoric experience of the moment, like watching a movie that is your life.

4. Live a small life of meditation most personally, all else less personal.

5. People are phenomena, understanding people only by normal human-ego means leads to misunderstanding and being controlled by evolution and other factors. Ego-focused understanding should be used only to experience euphoric states, as one would watching a romantic art film.

6. Emotions should be used to experience pleasure, not to create worry and dysphoria.

7. Activities should seek to maximize both pleasure and productivity.

H8. Keep moving with light activity like hunter-gathers, stationary positions cause depression.

9. When you receive information that would have been very useful to you in the past, think about how you would have used it, think of clues that could have tipped you off in the past, and send the information to your past self. Do this instead of experiencing regret. This allows you to have greater anticipation of information when you need it and increases your 'psychic' ability.

10. Use money/wealth primes to increase self-esteem and independence, when appropriate.

11. Self-control depletes ego-energy, manage it wisely.

Success12. In order to experience success, work toward large pay-off goals but prepare to benefit from all outcomes.

Transcendent persons 13. Have full confidence in yourself. Do not underestimate the unawareness and stupidity of self and others.

TP14. Special talents that others have are best learned from others, not books. Do impressions of others to develop talents.

H15. A natural smile and naturally extended belly are important to health. Learned smiling and tightening of the belly are possibly detrimental.

H16. Eat small hand-sized meals with fasts and gorging every now and then.

17. People are attracted to emotionality because of its supposed sincerity and manipulability.

18. Prefer to fix things quickly using things readily at hand, it's not often worth the time and effort for a long uncomfortable fix.

19. The greatest sex is a psychic union.

20. All lovers are available for psychic unions.

21. The only way to be free is to be god. The only two roles in common reality is god and slave.

22. God-slave unions may enhance sexual experiences.

23. Understanding must always be incomplete to retain happiness while in human form. It can only be complete in nirvana ecstasy.

24. All pain should be in the service of ecstasy.


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