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Obamer is trying to Destroy America!

Updated on September 28, 2014

Obamer is trying to Destroy America.

Its not rocket science to create a booming economy:
1) lower taxes
2) Lower or keep Interest Rates low and money available for small business loans.
3) Cut Government Red Tape

Small business is the engine of the economy. If you strangle Small Business it dies! Duh???

If you want to destroy the economy:
1) Raise Taxes – Obamacare and Cap and Trade Taxes
2) Interest Rates will soon Soar!
3) Add Government Red Tape

Obamacare will kick in and destroy the US Economy in 2015.
The Cap and Trade Taxes will crush US Industry in 2015.
And, then Interest Rates will Soar as the US Dollar Crashes before the end of 2015.

The End of the United States , as we know it – is upon us!

Welcome to the NWO North American Union (NAU)


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