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Ocean Life and Manners Art Activities for Families and Preschool

Updated on April 5, 2012

Beautiful, Beautiful Spring!

Now that the weather has finally warmed up it's time to get into those fun themes again. Oceans and Ocean life is a great theme, and children are always so curious about what might be hiding in the deep blue waters. Manners is also another good one. Tough to find resources for teaching children about manners so I've added a few of my own ideas here so everyone else can enjoy them too.

Ocean Dock Collage

Materials: Popsicle sticks, blue paper, glue, bottle caps, and fish stickers.

Invite the children to paste the popsicle sticks together on the blue paper to form a dock in the water. You'll see plenty of variations on them as the children put their own creativity into building their docks. Glue on bottle caps as boats in the water, and use fish stickers to stock the water. This one is great for fine motor, and creative skills.

Hanging Jellyfish

Materials: Paper cups, strips of colored paper, googly eyes, glue, string, and felts.

Invite the children to color the cups all around the outside then poke a hole and attach a string to the base of the cup. They can then continue with the project by gluing strips around the inside of the rim of the cup, and glue googly eyes to the outside. Hang to dry.

Under the Sea Bags

Materials: Ziploc bags, fish stickers, water, blue food coloring, green glitter, and eye droppers.

After mixing some water with the blue food coloring invite the children to use the eye droppers to put a small amount of water inside of some ziploc bags. Add some glitter, and very carefully push all the air out of the bag then close it. Children can then stick fish stickers on the outside of the bag to create an oceanic underwater scene.

Sea Star, Star Fish Sand Art

Materials: Thick colored paper, scissors, small cup, a large basin, different colors of sand, glue, and spoons.

Cut plenty of sea star shapes out of the paper. Place the colored sand into the small cups, and invite the children to put glue on their stars where they would like the sand to stick. Have them put their star inside the basin, and use the spoons to spread the sand over their stars.

Use a Tissue Art

Materials: Colored paper, tissues, printed faces of boys and girls, and crayons.

Cut some hands out of pink paper. Cut the faces out so the children can color, and glue them to a full sheet of colored paper. Have them glue a tissue tot he nose of the face, and glue hands to the tissue. This is a fun one to do with germs as well. Tell them how it's good manners to cover your mouth, or use a tissue when you sneeze, or cough.

Sea Turtles

Materials: Green paper, scissors, green decorative items like border strips, glitter, green cloth, googly eyes, and glue.

Cut some turtle shapes from the paper, and invite the children to decorate them using the green materials you've collected. After they've created the turtles shell using the materials have them glue on some googly eyes to finish.

Fish Collage

Materials: Glue, paper scraps, felts, googly eyes, scissors, and colored paper.

Cut some fish shapes out of full sheets of paper, and have the children use the felts to decorate them. Then invite them to use the paper scraps to add texture to the fish. Glue on googly eyes to finish.

Salt Water Fish Bowl

Materials: Dark blue paper, light blue paper, and green paper strips. Scissors, glue, and fish stickers.

Cut some fish bowl shapes out of the dark blue paper, and ovals to fit the bowls out of the light blue paper. Invite the children to glue them together, and glue some green strips for seaweed in the bowls. Use the fish stickers to decorate, and add sea life to your fishbowls.

Good Manners Flower

Materials: Colored flower shapes cut out of paper, green paper strips for stems, and green paper leaves. Printed strips of different manners like "raise your hand, take turns, be nice to others, help out..", glue, and glitter.

Invite the children to glue the stem and leaf to their flower, then glue the strips with different manners around the flower on the petals. Have them decorate with glitter, and read each manner out loud to them. Try and encourage them to think of ways they could use those manners.


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