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October 2010 Weird Math Month And A Way To Fight A Traffic Ticket

Updated on July 21, 2011
Number of completion? October 10, 2010
Number of completion? October 10, 2010
Fullness, Completion, Ten
Fullness, Completion, Ten
B-20  Bingo!
B-20 Bingo!


As I am writing this, it is now exactly 2010 hrs 10-20-2010.

Or is it now October 20, 2010 8:10 pm. And I plan to publish this online at 2010 hrs or on 10:10 pm. Yes, that's 20-10 20:10.

I am working (at work), but I can't really do much as I have this tummy ache.

And then I saw the (date and) time on my computer monitor and it got me inspired to write about this unusual occurrence.

Now what’s even weird is that this particular month, October of Two Thousand and Ten, has five Sundays.

Yes, but that’s not odd.

Yes, but then it does when you see that it also has a total of five Saturdays.

Okay, not really.

But then it also has five Fridays.

Okay I'll buy it, that’s a little weird. And FYI, contrary to all the wild rumors going around, this kind of thing does not happen once every 800 or so years alright?

20 10 20:10  20th October 2010 hrs
20 10 20:10 20th October 2010 hrs

 But do you know what’s the weirdest thing about it?

Last October tenth was the tenth day (10) of the tenth month (October) of the tenth year (2010) of the decade which of course is made up of ten (10) years. And currently, as I am writing this, the time is 2020 hrs (8:20 pm).

Plus, this is my tenth hub (the tenth article published in Hubpages), 10 being the magic number to get an accolade for the number of hubs published (yes as in the number of completion if not of honor). Okay currently I also have 20 followers, yes 10 * 2 = 20.

Yes save the date, it's my wedding day!
Yes save the date, it's my wedding day!
09-08-08 Eight-eigth-eight
09-08-08 Eight-eigth-eight
Lucky 8
Lucky 8
Lucky 7
Lucky 7

Hahaha, never mind me, I’m just trippin.

I do know that many Chinese people have a lot of weird beliefs regarding unusual dates such as this one. And I heard that there were a lot of Chinese couples who planned and rushed their wedding dates to coincide with the date 10-10-10, yes October 10, 2010.

And this has something to do with the luck that they attribute to their Chinese (or Lunar) Calendar. I still remember the last time they had a frenzy like that, it was I believe 8-8-8, thats August 8, 2008.

And if you remember, the Olympic Games were last held in Beijing and it started on that day.

And it was indeed "lucky", at least for one person--Michael Phelps. Why? Because that is where he got 8 gold medals! And in case you forgot to get the memo, the number 8 is the lucky number for the Chinese, well pretty much the same as the lucky number 7 for most people in the Western World.

Michael Phelps and his Eight Gold Medal Haul In Beijing, China in 2008
Michael Phelps and his Eight Gold Medal Haul In Beijing, China in 2008

Enough with Michael Phelps, let's go back to the people who got married and to the babies who were born on October tenth (10-10-10).

First, to all the couples that got married, "Congratulations!".

To all the babies who were born today, “Welcome to our world!” and with the technology we now have, you’d probably expect to live to be at least a hundred years old (that’s if you don’t kill each other first).

To your mom, “Great job!” and to your beaming parents and grandparents, “Congratulations!”.

Now you can start counting the sleepless nights ahead as it will surely multiply in numbers while hopefully the money you have hopefully saved away or in the bank will be able to keep up. Cha-ching!

Although the new addition should be able to provide you with a lot of joyful days, months and years to come.

Well I used to be a math whiz. I mean I wasn’t that great at math, but I didn’t really had any major major problems with it. I mean once I understand how it goes, I would remember that for years and years to come. And that is why I didn’t really need to study up for math exams or anything.

Now, I’m old and grey, okay not really grey but I’m older and I have grey hair. And my once well-oiled math brain probably needs a well needed oil change.

But still, numbers fascinate me.

How about you?

10-20-2010 @ 2020

If you do, I’ll leave you with this weird math story I found online, it might save you a moving violation ticket one day.


COLLIER COUNTY: A woman was caught on camera running a red in Collier County. But after her husband fought the ticket, it was thrown out. Now officials say there may be other drivers who were wrongly ticketed as well.

About 28,000 drivers have been caught on camera running a red light in less than a year. The excuses range from bad weather to not wanting to be rear-ended.

But Collier driver Mike Mogil claims the yellow lights are simply too short. And as it turns out, he's right.

Armed with a stopwatch, Mogil may be driving a hole in the credibility of Collier County's red light camera system.

"If the county, they are not going to follow their own rules, then why should we be required to follow the rules?" he asked.

When his wife received a ticket in the mail recently, the first thing she said was the yellow light was too short.

So Mike, who works with numbers all the time as a math tutor, put it to the test.

"I said, ‘If it's really short, then you got short-changed and you got a ticket illegally,'" said Mogil.

The speed limit on Collier Boulevard, where she was cited, is 45 mph. According to county guidelines, the yellow light should be 4.5 seconds.

Mogil said he tested it 15 times with an average of only 3.8 seconds.

"And I said, ‘We've got a problem,'" he said.

He challenged the ticket Monday and a special magistrate dropped it when the county conceded the yellow wasn't long enough.

"I think it was an oversight more than anything," said Gene Calvert of the Collier County Transportation Department.

The county has already fixed the Collier Boulevard light, and says it will check 200 other intersections to make sure they meet the standard.

NBC2: Do you think there are other lights that may not be timed correctly?
Calvert: I doubt it very seriously, but I will be looking into it.

But Mogil says he's already checked 65 intersections and found that only seven yellow lights are long enough.

"There's a much, much bigger issue here and it has to be addressed," he said.

The county says it will be checking the intersections with red light cameras first.

They encourage anyone who thinks they may have gotten a ticket incorrectly to challenge it, just as Mogil did.



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