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The Human Plight

Updated on December 9, 2013

What is this need, in the human plight,

to search the depths and reach the heights,

To explore and implore, to reveal the source,

behind the darkness, this mysterious force?

Beyond the earth's nurturing face,

the unknown tempts us, from its knowing place,

In the oceans deep and in quiet celestial skies,

we shall persist until our demise.

To far exceed the written word, not in pictures,

or the sounds that are heard, in mixtures.

this soul bred quest, does lead us on,

as if unaccepted, our impatience is shown.

With no satisfaction gained, nor any heartfelt truth,

we still pursue this evasive sleuth,

to tantalize and with clues that tease,

our supposed intellects, are left to appease.

This man made urge, an answer to the call,

and to ascertain the knowledge of it all,

from ballooning crafts and windswept kites,

to rocket ships, we shall reach the heights,

We will someday expose the illusive reality,

of the naked facts, and then for all to see.

this need to know, is but our human trait,

and we must have it now, with no time to wait!

An incessant need that's born within each,

an answer to everything, is what we preach,

not to accept in faith, of the things unknown,

we're taught to solve, until we've grown.

Yet, is there no limit to what we all long,

and with no satisfaction, as in a memory's song,

someday we may find, that which we seek,

perhaps it is value, in the small and the meek.


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    • Eugene Hardy profile image

      Eugene Hardy 5 years ago from Southfield, Michigan

      Loved your poem and good to see a fellow poet.

      Voted up.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      I wrote this poem in my frustration of the unknown and my feelings of weakness, and then answered my own question in its ending.