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Oh My Soul!

Updated on November 10, 2009


Oh, my Soul! I hardly knew you at all. Wasted years I spent chasing happiness and peace through ephemeral satisfactions only to have them disappear, being replaced by the illusory goblins of bitterness, yearning and sorrow. I have been an actor hiding behind the mask of delusion. How could anyone possibly know me when I have been disguised from myself? After so many performances of counterfeit roles I began disappearing into the façade gradually losing all sense of self.

Oh, my Soul! Why did I lock you away in the somber dungeon of forgetfulness where the dark shadows and cobwebs of pain and suffering nearly blurred your image beyond recognition? Is it no wonder there was only deadness and hollow emptiness inside my heart? I ignored your cries until they dwindled to faint whispers I heard only in moments of quiet desperation, whose only power was to evoke a black incomprehensible sadness which disappeared with the night only to return again and again to haunt me.

Oh, my Soul! Such estrangement and alienation from you embittered my heart, suffocating my life away with the ropes of apathy and despair. How I feared those vague moments of reverie when my heart heard your solemn echoes.

Oh, my Soul! How have you survived such abandon? How you kept from being mercilessly devoured by my doubts and fears is a mystery I cannot penetrate. Perhaps you fled during my nights of restless sleep receiving nourishment and inspiration from some unknown source beyond mortal confines. Perhaps there you drank from magical rivers to renew your strength.

The source of your life is an enigma to me but need I know your origin or understand you to love you, beseech you for help, and in humble gratitude accept your gifts? My intuition says no. Despite my fear of becoming a walking incarnation of death I cried out to you to rescue me from the lonely pit of despair and agonizing solitude. Utterly exhausted I hobbled to the mirror hoping you would show me your face. Slowly, I opened my eyes and beheld a radiant smile I had not seen before. “Oh, my Soul,” I cried in tearful ecstasy. “You still live.”

“Yes,” an inner voice replied, “and so will you. Your call was the key to release me from the dungeon of forgetfulness and death. Henceforth, you will be embraced by life.”

“Oh, my Soul! Your strength is slowly bringing life back to me, awakening and resurrecting buried hopes and dreams. Like a child I am comforted by your embrace. In my heart dwells the secrets and answers to life which you are imparting to me. I will lock you away no more. I open my mind and heart to you. My nightmarish slumber is over. It is time to merge in your love and then share my story with others who would hear the voice of their soul.

“Oh, my Soul, my heart to thee do I wed!

by Michael Dennis

From My Book "Morning Coffee With God"



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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago

      Yes, our SLUMBER TIME MUST END...You said that beautifully, Mary.

    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 

      9 years ago from Colorado

      Thanks for sharing your poem, helping us to end our own slumber...


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