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Oil- Can we think beyond it

Updated on January 10, 2013


We are really passing through a tough phase- the increase in oil price have thrown monetary policies of many countries and households budget off track. There has been lot of debates and discussions how to overcome it and is there really any solution to this problem.

In this present atricle I just wanted to highlight some areas where we can work. Policy makers of many countries are already working on it. Many alternate solutions has been arived at and we can think of a polution free world.

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Measures- We can think

Can you think about a sitution here can can use public transport to commute to our office and place of interest. We can also plan that we would be using our own transport to a bare minimum. Public transport upgraded to a comfort level where he can really minimise the use of personal transport.

Policy makers can plan accordingly to connect all important work points through a circular railway/ metro railway network and so on. People can avail this to reach their work place quickly and comfortably.

Many countries in the world have taken up projects and or implementing projects to help people to commute to their work places quickly and comfortably.Cities of Europe and US have already taken projects to enhence the existing capacity. London has a plan to increase the present passenger carring capacity by 50 percent by the year 2022.

India too has been working on it. Indian Railway had already implemented circular railway in Kolkata connecting important business points. Kolkata Metro have extended its network connecting north to extreme south points of the city. This project is in its final sage of completation.

Some very big companies have housing complex where people can commute to work within short distance and also with the complex.

Statistics show people who lives near the work place are happy people. This is also true for the people who travel to their workplace through less packed roads.

Rise in oil price has increased the sales of bike. It has many direct and indirect advantage.

  1. Bikes do not emit any posionous gas in the air.
  2. Reduces the risk of accident on account of drunk drivers.Less headache for Police special during festive seasons.

One of the important indirect advantage of riding bicycle is reducing obesity.

So we can really dream of an earth where we can breath clean air, commute to our work place without getting tried of getting struck in the traffic jam and inhaling poisonous air. For example from May 12-16, 2008 was marked as cleveland Bicycle week. Events were organised to promote bicycle riding and its advantages.

Another important aspect is that the main source of global biofuel comes from corn-ethnol. This has resulted in rise in food prices thereby driving the consumer price index to new heights. Increase in oil price has just send a shock wave to the consumer price index.


Working in these areas will surely give us clean and pure air to breath, less accident and help us to lead a healthy life. We can take the help of swithchgrass/algae to source for an alternate to biofuel. Solar power and power of wind will also provide us with a clean additional source of energy.


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