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Oil Rig Explosion Attorney

Updated on September 20, 2010

Oil Rig Explosion Attorney for Disasters Out in the Sea

Oil drilling and oil fields are complex matters that not all people understand. At present we have already figured out ways to securely drill oil and transport it. However, that doesn’t make us safe from accidents that may cause an explosion obliterating invaluable machineries and equipment including the earth’s surroundings. Disasters such as oil rig explosions can be very catastrophic. Workers may become fatally injured or worse. Losing lives is always a possibility with accidents such as this. If you ever came across to a situation as disastrous as oil rig explosions and find yourself injured as well, you might need the services of an Oil Rig Explosion Attorney whose expertise lies on matters like this. They are professionals specializing in settlements that involve explosion tragedies. When you decide to file a lawsuit against the people responsible for your injuries, it will be in your best advantage to hire the services of attorneys who are experts on this field.

Oil Rig Explosion Attorney

The basics of oil rigs and how it works as mentioned earlier may be difficult to comprehend. So what is an oil rig in the first place? An oil rig is a large offshore platform, prearranged to accommodate the machinery required to drill holes in the ocean bed for oil wells and house its workers as well. These oil platforms are structured depending on their condition or preconceived circumstances. It may float or may stand on an artificial island, and mostly you’ll find them fixed to the ocean floor.

Structures such as oil platforms in the middle of the ocean may encounter serious problems resulting to an explosion that may cause grave injuries to their workers on board and sometimes even death. When this type of misfortune happens, workers are protected by Death on High Seas Act or DOHSA. This Federal law allows survivors from water occurring accidents to file a lawsuit and make a claim on injuries and damages acquired from that specific incidents. An Oil Rig Explosion Attorney knows up to what extent your coverage is on your claim by taking into account every possible actions.

Most businessess make it complicated for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to enforce safety regulations for workers. Corporate companies regard the cost of damages and human life as expenses for doing their business. When disaster happens, responsible parties are not very excited on many things and those are lost wages and medical bills for injured workers. They sometime go scot-free, never facing litigations for financial losses and personal damages.

To protect you and your family’s interest, it is critical for you to contact a local Houston Maritime Attorney or an Oil Rig Explosion Attorney to assure you with fair and impartial agreement on the coverage of your settlement. It is a necessity that your representative has the skills to immediately assess your needs especially if you require long term settlement coverage. Your medical expenses need to be calculated to the whole duration of your future medication and the possibility of loss wages. These professionals offer their service to guarantee that you’d be able to get on with your life again.


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