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We All Have Angels Guiding Us

Updated on October 7, 2009


I was sitting in front of a crowd in a conference room at a Psychic Fair in Dayton, OH in late November of 2003. After introductions I spoke gently. “I welcome you and invite you to meet Olovera. First, let us take three breaths to relax. We release all energies that would limit us from seeing our beautiful soul star which rests at the top of our crown chakra. We let it go. We send it back to the ethers from whence it came. We invite purity, love, joy and the spirit of playfulness here in this moment. We will take a few moments in the quiet. We are going to invite our personal angel to come and sit beside us and ask her to give us a healing blessing. When we come back you will be greeted and addressed by my angel, Olovera.

“Greetings to you. My dear precious brothers and sisters. You are not alone. You are never alone. You have been blessed with an invitation to meet and greet your personal angel. You are here for a very special reason! I would wish to remind you that your personal angel has been with you from the first inception moment of your birth. But because of a darkness that was brought upon your world through interaction with negative dark forces and abuse of free will, a seal was closed, and you were not permitted to have direct contact with your personal angel.

“But now because of certain interplanetary alignments and etheric magnetic linkings, your angels are drawing near to you. Who is your angel? This is an energy, or a presence and portion of your own being that has never stepped forth on terra. This is an energized portion of your soul. Your own very personal twin flame that has never descended upon this earth. My dear ones, you have roamed through the centuries in search of this twin flame or angel. You read wondrous stories, see enchanting movies and read books. But the only true other half of your being is your angel. You are going to feel your angel’s presence after a certain amount of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical purification has occurred. When this happens you will come into a harmonic convergence within your own inner planetary system. All of your chakras are going to realign and the birth of magic and miracles and wonders is about to take place upon your world. Do not be overly distraught and grieved by the imbalanced energies on your world at this time. For as some of your wonderful teachers have pointed out, pain is a wonderful teacher. Is it not?

“You have a saying, how does it go? It is four words. Who knows it? You say no pain no gain. Does this ring a bell? You are fast approaching the time where you will meet your personal soul angel. She will help align your imbalanced energies and you will become enabled once more to heal your heart. To set forth your dreams and to fly and soar to the worlds of your choice at the vibrational frequencies you would choose. I am here to tell you, dear ones that you are here for a very special reason! You are going to find the keys to open every treasure that you have wanted to enjoy upon third dimensional time and space worlds. You are going to manifest that which would give you comfort on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

“Do not let the dark energies tempt you into unknowing and fear. Embrace all of life. Welcome all of your teachers through all guises in which they appear. You can have a master soul that is a drunk or a bum. Perhaps they have come back to teach or reach one soul and for that reason they have come back to be a drunk. Some of you have financial struggles and you yearn and hope to pay off your bills. I am telling you that when you reconnect with your soul angel, she or he, it is really not appropriate to say she or he, for lack of a better word. And It sounds so impersonal. But this blessed soul angel will realign you to the cosmic supply house for which there are no limitations. This is not mumble jumbo New Age fluff philosophy. This is sound practical advice because when you are in harmony with yourself, your total self that is, then you attract whatever it is you wish to manifest. Your personal angel can help you align yourself with the very energies behind the universal law of attraction so that you can create any reality you desire. It is time for you to stand up tall and to embrace your life on this beautiful world that you chose to be in.

“Your destinies are as diverse as the sands of the sea. Your aspirations are as high as the planets you haven’t heard of. Your fears are as deep as the craters and the volcanoes in the bowels of the earth itself. You are a part of all of it. Therefore, there is nothing you cannot do or accomplish. So the time is now, dear ones. Open up and invite your angel and once you do, there will be a strength, a comfort and an intuitive ability reawakened in your heart and soul that you have not touched yet. It will give you all the answers and help lead you on the path as far as your ego can go. Because sometimes you choose not to know all the answers right away. But your angel will show you that blindness is no longer to be scaled upon your eyes.

“I open the door at this time for questions or comments if you would have any”

“I have a question.”

“Greetings, dear one.”

“Greetings to you too. Are we going to see the chaos and turmoil cleared up that has upset and been released in the Middle Eastern part of our world where there is so much conflict right now. Is that going to be solved peacefully or are we going to have to damage ourselves in order to heal the rifts in the world?

“Growth does come through irritation and this is a part of the plan. But as far as the scale of which you speak, there is too much energy coming from your interplanetary space beings and friends that you will not be allowed to destroy your beautiful world. The light is bright. There will be rubbles and troubles and your natural disasters will do a lot of the cleansing that must take place for the disruptions of Mother Earth that are currently transpiring. There will be the sacrifices of which you speak. There are many demons and dark lords and ladies running rampant filling the minds with bitterness. Many vile souls plant poisons and the astral plane is disrupted and shaken. But at the same time you have heavenly realms and angels in many dimensions who are here now. This is why some of you more sensitive people are overcome with some of these vibrations. Michael, for instance, has thought he is going crazy. Have any of you felt that at times?”


“Talk about it. Talk about what you felt.”

“I have felt out of sorts lately; like my head is spinning all around.”

“You are spinning around on many vibrational realms. But you can balance your energies more if you ground yourself. Drink plenty of liquids and spend time in nature. Pray and meditate and you will find comfort. You are all on a global planetary shakeup so it is natural to feel out of sorts and out of whack so to speak. Are there any more questions?”

“Will you speak to us about music? Michael and I were en route to West Virginia one day and he sang the song Bali Hai from South Pacific. I was put in a daze and almost ran off the road. Can you tell me what was going on?”

“Certain types of music soothes the soul. It opens the heart and the wings of the angels flap and caress your chakras and your energy patterns dance with each tone and each musical chord that is struck. You actually went through a time dimension and you healed in what could take ten years of earth time through a moment in time. You stepped onto the other side and the music of this enchanting passionate song was the means and gave the energy that took you there. The song spoke to your heart. You have been healed, dear one. And now you have a new destiny. Would you like me to sing this song for you? It would be most appropriate.”

“Please do,” several people said.

“If I can maneuver the channel’s voice, we shall see what we can do.”

(At this point Olovera sang Bali Hai through me)

My dear ones. It has been an honor to be here with you. We give thanks to the spirits from the north and the south and the east and the west. And Father Sky and Mother Moon. Brother Sun and Sister Sea. Know that you can go to Bali Hai anytime. For it is a very special playground of gladness situated on the heavenly shores of paradise. There are many. I take leave now. This is Olovera. O Love Ra and I love you each and everyone!


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