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We Can Create Anything We Want

Updated on October 22, 2009

From my upcoming book Morning Coffee With God

On Creating

As you are extension of the tao, created in Its likeness, so are you able to create. Before the creative force manifested through matter, there was the absence of the spoken word and sound. When the divine creator individualized its expression, souls were given birth and miniature gods came into being. Utilizing their inherent abilities as co-creators, cosmic energies were manipulated and material worlds formed over billions of years as measured by earth time calculations.

Souls built material bodies to house their human ego, the mind and emotions, all of which are not original qualities of the soul. Such creation was made possible by focused directed thought which was crystallized into concrete material form.

All creation begins in the mind where the divine ego filters its thoughts through the personality. Some of your teachers utilize the expression that “thoughts are things”. This aphorism is accurate. You have but to look around to observe the worlds and individual experiences created by thought. Everyone’s external reality is a manifestation of the inner realm of their thoughts, feelings, and desires. There are no exceptions. Whether one lives in material splendor and prosperity or in a condition of destitution and abject poverty depends entirely upon their mental state of mind.

All mortals possess the ability to create any material condition by simply focusing mental energy and directing thought, will, desire and most important, feeling, towards a certain end. This ability of creating is a quality of the soul; that individualized spark of divinity which is the essence of life.

Some say that only a fool would desire to live in misery. I say there are no fools. It is only foolish thinking which prevents one from creating all that would fulfill their desires. Foolish thinking is to doubt or deny the power of thought. All great inventions which have improved the living conditions of humanity would not have manifested had someone not first held the idea in mind. Today’s dreamers are tomorrow’s inventors!

If you wish to change your external circumstances, learn to become a dreamer; one who imagines (makes an image of) and creates in the mind. Be patient and direct mental energy to your dreams and they will begin to manifest in the outer external third dimensional world. The degree of their manifesting depends upon the amount of belief, thought and feelings given to them. Do not feel anxious or self-conscious if your friends and loved ones tease you or scoff at your dreams. Many great inventors highly revered today were once the object of ridicule and scoffing. Believe in the power of thought, and concentrate upon that which you desire. Imagine what it is like to touch, see, and feel the object of your desire. Give it form in your mind and spend time visualizing its essence. Be persistent and you will unleash the powers of your divine mind. Your divine mind can release invisible energy spirals capable of penetrating all vibrational frequencies and force fields of thought on very subtle levels. The divine energy is everywhere and is instantly activated by thought and will.

Focused thought and will attract this energy to you, and when there are no tinges of doubt in the mind, matter begins to coalesce, giving form to your thoughts. The creation always results from the image held in one’s mind. This includes the subtle mind of the subconscious which creates dream images during sleep as well. To be an effective creator it is important to activate and delve into the realm of the subtle mind. Creative souls such as artists, poets, and some scientists are naturally in contact with subtle mind, but all can open the door and explore the world of the subconscious and super-conscious mind.

These ideas may not be acceptable to the intellect of some people, but the intellect need not understand the subtle laws of physics which bypass even the fields of knowledge scientists have been able to penetrate. Science is slowly awakening to the realization of the reality of the sub-quantum world of subtle mind with its infinite potential for creation. There have been masters of spiritual and mystical traditions capable of performing what are called miracles. There are no miracles! To perform a miracle simply means to manipulate subtle invisible energies by the power of concentrated thought.

Believe in the unseen powers of the human mind and soul if you desire to unleash the divinity within. All are capable and destined to become co-creators with All That Is. In earlier ages you were gods and goddesses who utilized and expressed the vast inner potential of the soul. It is unfortunate that such power finally became so abused that it destroyed human civilizations, and people were no longer able to control the divine currents. The secrets of creation must be kept from impure hearts who would manipulate divine energy for selfish purposes. The abuse of power ultimately results in destruction and death.

Purify your hearts and awaken from mortal amnesia to tap once more into the deeper layers of mind where the secrets of life and creation dwell. Become gods and goddesses once more and create peace. The days of mortal oblivion are drawing to an end. Ponder these words and remember to create only the best!”



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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago

      Yes, as we think so do we create. We all need reminding from time to time.

    • profile image

      Joy Illumine 

      9 years ago

      Thank you for sharing, it is greatly appreciated!


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