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Our Departed Loved Ones Are Never Totally Gone

Updated on October 23, 2009


In a short article I wrote “On Mourning” I state, It is the false belief that life unkindly snatches one away that leads people to experience mourning. Many perceive that when Life calls her children to walk through the portal of death, that she eradicates their personality, effacing their spirit into nothingness. How could Life be so unkind as to separate you from those souls dear to your hearts? The “self” has always lived and always will. A lifetime is but a moment in eternity, a speck of sand on a beach ever moving to the dance of the ocean’s waves. Those you love can never die. Because the essence of the “self” is Love and Love never dies.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not advocating that you not take time to grieve over departed loved ones. To do so is to be human and is part of the healing experience. It is natural to miss the physical presence of those who have passed on. Let the tears fall. Look at old photo albums and recall happy and sad memories, shedding tears of joy and sorrow. Talk to them. They will hear you. If you wish to make contact via visiting a bonafide medium, then go for it. The spiritualistCenter, CampChesterfield in Chesterfield, IN is a wonderful place for such spirit contact with your dearly beloved departed ones.

It is an experience which I highly recommend for comfort as well as educational purposes. I did some of my early Psychic and Spiritual training there and love the peaceful beautiful grounds. I still recall my first séance in 1985. I was sitting in this chair in a pitch dark room, my stomach churning with anticipation. My knees were wobbling and my hands shaking I was so excited. The first two spirits who came through were guides. But like they say, three is charms! The spirit guide, speaking through the medium, then said, I have a William Robert to speak with you. Feeling panicky, I quickly racked my brains, trying to figure out who that might be. I went completely blank. A few moments passed and this masculine voice boomed, “Hello Boy!”

“Oh, my God,” I exclaimed, tears starting to fall. “It’s you, papaw.” How did I know it was truly him? Because when I was a kid and we’d visit we’d climb the big hill. At the top under a huge hickory tree would be papaw. He stood tall in his bib overalls, white tee-shirt with holes in it, wearing a hat and carrying a garden hole. He would always say, “Hello Boy!” He went on to tell me that mamaw was not losing her marbles as her children were beginning to believe. Her grief was so powerful that she actually opened up her third eye and was making spirit contact with him. Papaw said that he was appearing to her outside and trying to convey to her that he was in a good place. He had discarded his physical body the way you would place a coat on the rack. Mamaw was convinced it was him but nobody else was. My mother verified that William Robert was papaw’s name. I did not tell her about the séance as she would not have understood as none of my family do. I recalled that my older brother’s first name is William and mom told me that she named him after both our grand fathers.

It is said that many spirits attend their own funerals. I can see that happening, but they don’t (for the most part) hang out in graveyards like the film industry has pumped the public to believe. They would just as soon that you speak to them while doing the dishes or walking rather than taking flowers to graveyards. Any time you think of them and send them love and energy they will feel it. And in time you will begin to feel their presence. They may give you a sign; perhaps you will smell the cologne or perfume that your loved one preferred. You may feel a little tickling or tingling sensation on your ear, face, neck, etc. You may even catch a glimpse of them after you go to bed, for then the mind is less distracted and you are more receptive to subtle spirit vibrations.

We will all make the transition one day. I wrote the following verse many years ago:

“One day Death will embrace.

Her kiss is not bitter.

She reminds us that we have completed a journey.

We will take leave of our bodies when Death calls.

Then again will we see clearly like the newborn child we hold in our arms.”

If we have been a good person, and spread all the love, healing and cheer we could, then we are guaranteed to go to a very happy place. The spiritualists call it “The Summer Land”. The Christians call it “Heaven.” Some metaphysically inclined people refer to it as various levels of the “Astral Plane.”

I hope this little writing has shed some light upon the subject of mourning and death. Life and death are like day and night. We must experience both to know ‘wholeness’ and where wholeness is, emptiness cannot exist and love prevails. In truth the very essence of our nature is total pure unconditional love. What a joy to see that more people are coming into that beautiful soul realization.



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