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On-Line Tuition for Theory of Knowledge Essays and Presentations

Updated on November 13, 2011

A review of Theory of Knowledge tuition at

The Benefits of on-line tuition for TOK Essays and Presentations

If you know someone who's studying Theory of Knowledge (or TOK as it's abbreviated to amongst the initiated) as part of the IB Diploma Program and is struggling with the immense workload, you'll also experience how depressing a place it can be!

It's natural then for parents and students alike to be suspicious of websites offering on-line tuition services, especially when they feel that teachers should be at hand to iron out the problems students face with their notoriously tough TOK Essay and Presentation assignments. Having taught the IB program for over ten years, I can honestly say that this would be to ignore the reality of life for teachers who are increasingly driven by the administrative demands of their job often at the expense of focussing on teaching and learning.

The one-to-one TOK Consultation offered by is an innovative approach that utilizes modern internet tecnology to guide IB students through problems with their TOK essays and presentations.

A half hour consultation can help to solve a range of difficulties in a practical and efficient way and all you need is a Skype connection.

Five good reasons why you should adopt on-line tuition to enhance learning for your TOK essays and presentations:

1. On-line tutoring removes the need for books, pens and paper. The screen sharing facility means that learning can be facilitated by using PDFs, Word files, powerpoint slides and even videos, all at the touch of a keypad and mouse – a perfect way of attuning students to the flexible ways of communicating in the wider world.

2. On line tutoring is convenient and the flexible availability of tutors can be time-saving for students who have an increasingly lager workload in their IB subjects and extra-curricular activities.

3. On-line tutoring fills any gaps left in a student’s learning, especially when existing pressures and demands of the teaching day necessitate that teachers cannot give one to one attention to students that really need extra help.

4. On line tutoring gives access to expert tutors who wouldn’t otherwise be available to students owing to geographical constraints. Suddenly, a whole world (literally!) of superbly qualified tutors opens up at affordable prices.

5. On-line tutoring enables students to adapt to the classroom of the future – the virtual classroom – which shapes students to be increasingly independent learners and to make them more responsible for the learning choices they make. This can only be a good thing for the leaders of tomorrow.

Both parents and students (including a few generations of teachers!) have grave concerns about the practicality and effectiveness of online tutoring. However, seems to have addressed these concerns and gone a long way towards making on-line tuition both a pleasurable and efficient way of achieving academic success.

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