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On Lord Maitreya's Presence In The World Today!

Updated on September 26, 2009

On Lord Maitreya’s Presence In The World Today!

A friend recently wrote the following to me: "The group called Share International ( is suggesting that a mysterious star has been appearing at various times and places and in various guises and is increasingly visible throughout the world. The group claims that it is actually a spacecraft (but resembles a star or bright planet to the naked eye) heralding the (outward, public) coming of the Maitreya Christ for the Aquarian Age, much as the Star in the East in Bethlehem (also actually a space craft?) heralded the birth of Jesus the Christ during our current Piscean era. They also claim that the Maitreya Christ is already physically living in the world, having descended from his home high in the Himalayas in 1977, now living and working "behind the scenes" as an "ordinary person" in the Asian Community of London, and awaiting the evocative call from humanity for just the right moment (said to be very immanent) to reveal Himself, or at least to begin his public ministry in whatever guise. He is said to have appeared in various guises in various times/places over the last 20 or so years, and on their website is a photo of his "sudden, out of the blue" appearance before a large throng of people at a religious gathering in Nairobi, Kenya in 1988.
I was wondering what information you might be able to discern about the "star sign" in the sky and its alleged/actual significance, and about the mysterious appearance of the alleged Maitreya Christ in Nairobi and elsewhere. Is this truly a/the Christ, an angel or messenger, an imposter/"Anti-Christ"?

After finishing my friend's email I immediately began to tune into Lord Maitreya’s beautiful, loving, enlightened energy. Below is what came through! Enjoy!

Dear, Seeker on the Path of Enlightenment,

Oh, how we adore our Beloved Lord Christ Maitreya.

Approximately every 2000 years the EARTH earns the right to have an ascended christ master descend upon the plane of terra to uplift and help raise the vibrations of humanity. The avatar will choose his particular manner of arrival and will minister both publicly and privately to those whose soul light is bright enough, and who have worked off enough karmic sludge, to earn the right to meet and be in the presence of the master. Humanity is not on schedule for a mass public appearance, such as would appear if a UFO landed on the White House lawn.

More and more souls are moving into the dimensional shift into the fourth dimension as ascension approaches. Lord Maitreya is choosing to walk among those in certain areas where he need not have to face public confrontation from the dark lords who would wish to abort his sacred holy mission which was also the mission of beloved Sananda, Jesus the Christ, Buddah, and many others: This mission is to show and teach by example that the kingdom of God/Heaven lies within and that we can do all things and greater things yet as all of the masters. We are co-creators with All That Is and have all that we need to manifest our true light essence and to manifest our every hope and dream. Were Lord Maitreya to make a mass public appearance and announce himself as the world public teacher , people would put him on a pedestal and create a similar type of paradigm which would detract from his true mission. In other words they would look outward for that which they already possess deep within.

As Beloved Sananda (Jesus the Christ) said, "Let those who can hear, hear!" Those who are ready to benefit from Lord Maitreya will feel his 'call' in the whispers of their soul' in dream time, meditation time or during quiet reverie, contemplation and prayer.

He will make his presence known to a few more people with some political background and government backing, but these souls are not the Sons of Belial, not being dark lords. They will be able to take what they hear, learn and then assimilate, absorb and utilize this knowledge to help facilitate some needed positive changes and movement more to the light.

The star sign in the sky is a gift and token symbol that enlightenment is coming more and more upon Terra. As more souls reach for the light so shall the light embrace and enfold them. The light of the Christed Ones. The angels. The Ascended Beings and equally important the brilliant light of the individual higher self. Those who are pure of heart, intention and soul, are the ones who will behold this divine radiance in the sky. We hope that we have been able to respond to your query in a manner which will uplift, inspire and fill you with love, hope and faith for a bright new world.

Always shine your light!

We are a conglomerate of Ascended Masters from more than one planetary world and star system. We monitor terra, and are so happy to see that much progress has been made. Much more is to be made.


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      7 years ago

      all my life here i have felt like i had a purpose and felt a deep yearning to help the world! i never knew how and when but felt it was inevitable.. then aged 17 I had some good fortune and got a record deal which made me think that my platform would be through this.... things didnt work out and i was crushed by the industry and the bad people who run it! it took me a while to get back to any kind of normality I spent a large amount of my time alone in my room contemplating what went wrong and what i couldve done different but ultimately I wasnt to blame you see I had the talent and desire but forces out of my control curtailed my advancement for whatever reason...anyway i digress, I have always been sensitive to certain things beyond the field of vision/physical and seeing the occasional spirit wasnt uncommon for me growing-up(another story entirely which would take me a long time to go into) and ive had instincts where i would 'know' certain things are right and for some reason i believe this story of the man living amongst the people of east london... id love to meet him someday and be able to look into his eyes! i think that is all i would need for confirmation! until the day he decides to go public he will be in my thoughts!


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