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On Time Jim

Updated on September 21, 2017
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Sheila's a kids' picture book author. She loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

On Time Jim always delivered on his promises at the same time every day. Don't worry, he would say, I have everything under control!
On Time Jim always delivered on his promises at the same time every day. Don't worry, he would say, I have everything under control! | Source

Jim Clock Was an Ambitious Teenager.

Jim Clock desired more than anything in the world the stance of a famous politician. He thought ,of innovative ways to use his clout as a class president to organize a school trip on a cruise ship. Things went haywire that day, and he was forced to rethink his high school plans of running for president the next year. He would variably say, when he felt restless, "Don't worry, On Time Jim, has everything under control!"


Jim Clock was an ambitious teenager. His views about duty stemmed from his parents captivating his interest in becoming a local politician, and possibly president of his country one day.

Even so, Jim made it his quest to please his parents at all costs and assured he completed every class assignment with excellence. He knew getting into politics was exceedingly competitive, and a blunder of some sort might ruin his chance of running in the political arena when he graduated high school. Therefore, he investigated every lead on how to become more popular.

He created a system that guaranteed his success and religiously opted to do the same things at the exact same time every day. This way, if something unexpected happened, he would know how to deal with the pressing situation, and easily get back to his demanding schedule.

As a result of accomplishing more, he craved added clout, and so he took on extra school projects. His school friends loved to tease him with a nickname they created especially for him, "On Time Jim."

Jim Clock Became a Class President

Jim Clock became a class president, and he aspired to become the absolute best representative for his high school. Everyday things seemed to go smoothly since no one complained at first. And besides, since he did the same things at the precise unchanged time every day, he always made sure, though; he retired by ten o’clock in the evening to relax, his philosophical mind. This afforded him a way to conjure fresh new ideas.

By eight, o'clock in the morning, he was ready to take a splendid warm bath while listening to soft music, he would dream, about his life as a politician. He could see himself delivering a speech to his friends, family, and community and then the entire nation.

What would be his first speech? He thought to himself! Would he concentrate on his town's deteriorating infrastructure, and failed government’s promises? Or, would he be able to stir his audience to vote him into the executive branch of leadership by delivering a fresh, innovative idea? These questions plagued Jim Clock every day, and he was too happy to consider how he might change things for good in his city

Jim Organized a Class Trip and Missed the Boat.

One day, he organized a field trip for his classmates to enjoy the scenic view of the deep-ocean blue on a unique cruise liner. He hoped to have his friends observe a majestic sunset without the muddled skyline of their city homes. Everyone boarded a giant tour bus at eight in the morning and bought snacks to eat while riding to the dock. The pier was loaded with sweet-smelling flowers and benches as they were walking to board their splendid ship.

“This is quite a feat you have organized for us, On Time Jim,” they all said and smiled. “We can’t wait to ride the cruise ship in this peaceful sea. How much longer will it take? Our bus driver is too fond of making pit stops, and we may miss our boat ride!”

“Don’t fret,” Jim Clock cried. “We will do all we planned to do today; I truly promise! And don't worry about time Jim has everything under control!”

On the lastly scheduled stop before the cruise, a weary friend spotted Jim Clock from afar and signaled to get his attention.

“I am lost, On Time Jim. Can you help me? I missed my school bus and need to find a taxi to catch my class on time.”

“Absolutely, Sally, I can hire a taxicab service off my computer,” proclaimed Jim. “Let me take a look!”

While Jim Clock was searching the internet for Sally, his group bus scurried off; except he was too busy searching for a local cab service to notice it had taken off.

Assured Sally was on her way to school; Jim said goodbye and rushed off to catch his bus. Stunned, the bus driver forgot him; he felt awfully mislaid and decided not to dangle at the bus stop all day. He had failed to spot his bus ride and would miss an awesome ride on a cruise ship admiring an awesome sunset.

Of course, he couldn't head back to class, since his principal believed he was enjoying a school trip, besides; he might get cited for skipping out of his daily leadership duties. Plus, this would ruin his faultless school record! So, he decided to head back home, for sure, his dad would understand; he always does. However, Jim felt deprived and realized how dutiful his political career was developing. To let pass the best trip of his political career was huge indeed!

Jim’s dad hugged him, as he walked in, and insisted he not fret since he would write a supporting letter to his teacher explaining why he had overlooked his scheduled bus ride.

The Great Dilemma Faced By Politicians and Jim Clock

Jim Clock attended school the following day. His friends raved about the majestic sunset; they enjoyed up-close without him. Sadly, no one alluded to his absence. Jim could not fathom his classmates didn't miss him one iota.

This drove him to grapple with a big dilemma facing politicians these days. He knew from this moment on, the only thing he must do to get elected into office was to deliver on his spoken word and achieve his dire promises. This would automatically make him popular among his peers since he would forever strive to achieve what he said he was to do. He decided not to ever worry about minute details since this would be a waste of his precious political time.

Mental toughness was his slogan, and he wouldn't let his feelings get, in the way too, even if someone forgot him personally. As long as he delivered on his promises and did a great job, no one could forget his accomplishments he thought. Thus, this became the main thing he focused on as a rising political star. "Don't worry," he would say. "On Time Jim has everything under control!"

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