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Free Laptop bribe for Vote.

Updated on December 6, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Giving Free Laptop to Students.

Bangalore witnessed a change in govt by voting out the corrupt politicians and a chief minister who was a jail bird on charges of corruption.

The Project of one laptop per child was perhaps taken to the concerned politician or a bureaucrat by the manufacturers of the laptop who must have spent a lot of money to make this 6 digit toy.However no news of it came after it was said by the media.may be the thinking of the big question for this gift giving govt as to how to and what to do and where to go from the newest scam of a million or billion Iron Ore missing and Lok Ayuktha Quitting.

The promoters of the project Laptop Manufacturing units else where in the country who came to Karnataka had the opportunity to meet the chief minister during a govt sponsored IT & BT Conference in Bangalore wanted to get land,power and water for their make a tablet which somebody called it as Nano Laptop costing half the price of a laptop.They perhaps did their soft skills and told the chief minister that his state would be the only state in the country to make such a product which would cost half the price of a laptop and save his treasury millions of rupees in case he wanted to give this product that they would manufacture in his state to be distributed free to plus 12 college students free during his second term in his office.

These laptop manufacturers also met other politicians and bureaucrats and convinced them this so called Nano laptop like our National pride Nano Car they said has 200 applications and costs much more than a bicycle or a second hand TV. They said the price was Rs.15,000 plus some thing more taking in to account the commission for the politicians who wanted their currency counting machines utilization at 100% on 24x7 working hour basis.These people also made some calculations as to how much more their unaccounted money they would hold for the next election expenditures.Thus some laptop or tablet manufacturer who had set up shop to manufacture tablets with his experience he had gained in another country which was manufacturing the same product opened his office in a rented building got permission from the govt and other agency's of the govt to up his manufacturing facilities in their state and got land in a place where there would be no dispute at a later date if he wanted to sell the excess land he had procured by showing many many times more area than what is required to actually manufacture the tablet.He imported the Hardware from some country which the govt wanted some body to import something or anything as their commerce minister had signed a trade pact and no one had come forward to import anything from that country.

He was now ready to airlift from that country the hardware to his office and hire people to make the software for the tablet and soon made beautiful boxes holding his product to be given as samples to those people who wanted to incorporate more software to sell their product.The Chief Minister would want to show his party presidents photo and his picture in millions of tablet he would distribute to the students in his state.The plenty of local spiritual,yoga and meditation centers would want their songs,,audio talks,video talks and herbal medicines for good health to be incorporated in the thousands of tablets they would buy.The schools and colleges their software,the hundreds of hospital and medical colleges their software.Parents wanted their children to learn their school syllabus and other people for their own private software so on and so forth.

Now you can guess how much money this enterprise of one man could have made.

The Nano laptop or tablet factory if it was really made by a brand factory in Bangalore and was made in a factory setting involving 70 scientists 3000 engineers it would have been a sun rise industry in 5 years.

High time that a Tablet is manufactured and distributed in Bangalore in all rural schools as it is done in some country like Uruguay and Alabama which have started using it in schools and has Global Order Book which is worth $3 million.

Karnataka can start now and waste no time in petty politics and corrupt practices.If the govt takes help from the professionals in the industry it can not only better its own governance but also bring the state to more prosperous enviable state among all states.

How can Govt go to private parties neglecting elected representatives.

  • People did not elect ministers.
  • People elected corrupt members of Vidana they had no choice.
  • Elected representatives were heavy weight party candidates bringing money to party.
  • If the Chief Minister wants good work he must give the job to good men.
  • The team of present ministers are selected by people in Delhi.
  • The Chief Minister has no powers to fire or hire persons who are inefficient or bring in new efficient new persons.
  • The Chief Minister has to ask his party president if he wants to do anything good to the Industry or people who would make the state rich.
  • Those who want to help the Chief Minister must have connections in Delhi.
  • The Chief Minister must assert himself and if he does he is thrown out by Delhi.
  • Nobody wants to move about in city with out RED light and police escort.
  • Ordinary people cannot meet Chief Minister for their grievance.
  • Ordinary people must have good relations with local Members of Vidhana Soudha.(MLA)

How do you rate the present Govt of Karnataka.

Do you think they will be non corrupt and bring good governance.

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How do you rate the present Govt of India.

Will the present Govt come to power in 2014 General Elections.

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