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One...Last Night @ College Campus!!!!

Updated on November 25, 2011

Once you out of your college you realize, what you missed out for not being in college anymore. You did all sorts of fun out there - gigglings, going around with friends or someone whom you had crush on or some who had, in turn, crush on you or going around with many ones at the same go!!

Life was so cool out then!! No matter how badly you’re into mess, friends were always there to pull you out of those messy grumpy scenes. You did not care for world around you, you gave damn to whosoever; even a penny rejoiced you as much as having earned millions later in your life; bunking classes – ummmm……almost like going for a long drive with your gang of friends; puffing smokes – alike having secured a job in big MNCs before you’re out! Books were always top down your priority list and girls / guys in 'CAPS' right at the top of yours most wanted lists. Exams – they were the best of worst enemies you ever had and discs, pubs, hanging out with friends were always your best pals. That’s how we remember our college lives as.

This is a sort gist of one of those days…..nope….it was the last day of my college days (MBA) with only handful of leftover friends in Hostel. Remembrance of the day is so vivid that I was tempted to encrypt it….I could not resist myself..Hope you enjoy reading!!!

Well..!! Everyone said we had our last day in college in the Month of march...(when our curriculum schedule ended)....but it wasn't the last day for us!!

Everyone said...we had our last exam in college in the Month of April...when we appeared for the last paper...but, sorry, it too wasn't the last day!!

On 30th April...College bided farewell to us saying this was the last day of ours in the campus....sorry, yet again friends; it was also not the last!!!

last day, preferably say last night, of ours in the college campus was when 8 of we friends, had the blast---------- on 4th of May 2008.

we shared everything on our last night...starting from our first day exp. in the our first our first kuch hasin lamhe in the campus (some good moments in the campus) getting emotional at all all all our farewell....everythinggggggg!!!

Blame it to the changing weather, which too decided to be a part of this everlasting all started with a plan to break rules(of our so law-regulated college) on our last stay in the campus...hey, chill guys!! Nothing serious... it was just that we planned to cook chicken in the campus....on a heater....with a bit of alcohol....and puffs of a cigarette....that’s it!! please don't go and tell my college director or the hostel warden that we were rule-breakers, else we could be fined harshly, even today..(they so well know us by names....). ; )

My friends - Sandeep and Shekharda brought chicken for us....Anand arranged for hot stuffs....Varun looked after drinks including soft-drinks...

Shekharda prepared the dinner for us...Amit Saab! along with Sandeep peeled 3 kg of salads...Shubhu and myself did nothing but still were the part of the whole process..!!

Things didn't stop here!!! We had gossips throughout...few amongst us consumed alcohol, while a few of us were very much happy with just a glass of soft-drink..Later on, we had our last dinner together with Sandeep getting emotional... (that was surprising as he rarely let his shielded tears overcome him)

it has been for past few days that we haven't slept..Varun has not slept for last 6 days...ask his eyes, that are unable to bear anymore sleepless nights....but still our eyes are anxious...still not giving up to lose any precious moments of this night......yet time was clicking as always.....its 3.00 am now....

Soon, we moved ahead with our mission....we clicked snaps all round the hostel...hey could I miss one thing!!!...could you believe.....for the first time in the history of our cruel College, perhaps, all of us could safely manage to peep….nah….enter inside the gals hostel...and could well craft to envisage few mischievous things and leave our imprints for warden to track us (if they could)...Now let me not take you into nitty gritty of how we played around with gals……errrrr…..I meant hopped inside the so mouthwatering gals hostel…let those silly things be secret..lolzzz!!! we were all happy presuming --- THAT THIS NIGHT WOULD NEVER END!!!!!....but perhaps it had too.

But as everything in this world has to end, the journey of ours also reached its climax. At last, it was the time to bid adieu to the last night as well....Icy winds & weeping monsoon too, perhaps, prayed for this night to stop...eight of us were battling against time...striving hard to let this night continue.......but future MANAGERs (so labeled by our college all throughout the TWO years of stay) failed to complete their first task…which they had willingly accepted to accomplish..!!

Tomorrow…Everyone was to leave the campus...Rightly told by one will be there…hostel rooms will continue being there, but the souls will remain no longer..!! We did anticipate this day…but not assumed that these 2 years will fly away so early.....How best were those days…I still get Goosebumps reciting those splendid moments of a part of my Hostel Life!!!

last words......

Do no really know, if was good to be part of hub, but I thoroughly enjoyed penning down the memories afresh trying to recapitulate small but memorable journey of 2 yrs of mine college hostel days!!

Hopefully, this could take you people back to your campus lives and probably leave you with a smile to reckon all those unforgettable moments that you possibly cherish even today....!!”

har ek friend jaroori hota hai yaar....(every friend is so bloody important in your life...) :-)

"Those indeed were awesome days"
"Those indeed were awesome days"


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    • prashantpujan profile image

      Prashant 6 years ago from Mumbai, India

      Thanks Mark.. :)

    • Mark Ewbie profile image

      Mark Ewbie 6 years ago from Euroland

      I really enjoyed your views on college. Good luck at HubPages!

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 6 years ago from Nepal

      I have surpassed the days of college but this is interesting read. I enjoyed your article very much.