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Violence Among our Children

Updated on May 11, 2016


People Kill
People Kill | Source


One week ago 20 little innocent angels and their protector entered the gates of heaven. Their lives was shorten by a young man with no values of human life.

Why this terrible act happened no one really knows except God. Each and everyday we live our lives in fear because of the growing violence's against children. I cry for the children who never had a chance to grow and grieving parents whom lives will never be the same. This Christmas I am burning candles for 26 people; not knowing them by name but in my heart, I know them well. I was asked by a little boy about the will of God, which I really couldn't answer.Why God let this happen to little children at Christmas? Don't God feel bad for the families? why are he making mothers and father sad this time of year it's Christmas.God loves us all he wanted 20 more Angels in heaven was all i could think of because I too was feeling a since of lose. The first year I was without my son it was one of the hardest things that ever happen to me i cried for years. I blamed myself, God and anyone who came near me . One of the things that made me go on was the voice of my son who was kill. I heard his voice telling me to go on. Mommy you was the best mother in the world, please stop crying and go on my brothers and sisters, they need you. I am fine I am up her in heaven with God, he needed me more than you did. Those words made me realize that I had to go on he was gone and was never coming back. This Christmas I will pray for the 26 lives who was taken and the families who's life will never be the same.On Christmas morning I will pray for the families who are going through a private hell, not the children because they are fine with God parading around heaven. They are our special angels who are at finally peace.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      There are no words that can explain the demiles of 26 lives a week ago. we find some words to say but to the grieving families, they are all useless words because they are the ones children are gone.My Christmas this year will be painful, with my heart going out to all the grieving families.