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Spiritual Guidance and the Self Image - What Am I Feeling?

Updated on August 4, 2017

You are looking at a self-image: the writer's, as he appeared thirty years ago.

The writer in his forties
The writer in his forties

Spiritual Consciousness - There is a part of us that knows all about us.

Welcome to Spiritual Guidance and the self image - What am I feeling? An essay about spiritual consciousness.

There is a part of us that knows all about us. It knows us absolutely. It knows our desires. It knows our fears. This higher part of us knows our conscious thinking, and what goes on in the “iceberg below the waterline,” our unconscious thinking. It is this unlimited, unbounded, all-knowing us that is our Real Self: our Higher Self. It is our spiritual consciousness.

Once we have developed faith in our Higher Self, we are on the way to becoming this Higher Self. And when that blending of our little self and our Higher Self occurs, this is called Self-realization.

Spiritual seeking - a prod from the Higher Self

The process of getting to Self-realization comes from a conscious process which usually begins with self-actualization (development of as many of our faculties as we feel urged or inclined to undertake) leading to spiritual-seeking, meditation and the like. This momentum eventually brings us to a more dedicated effort, whereby we begin to realize where we are headed: Higher Self Realization, or what some call Christ Consciousness or Buddha Mind.

Whence comes an essay such as this, other than the promptings of our Higher Self working through its “personalized instruments” the mind-body of the human being who has willingly (though generally very gradually) relinquished its egoic autonomy to The Source which allowed its creation.

A Divine Dichotomy: Individuaton and Wholeness

The enigma is that there is “individuation” and “Wholeness;” that we humans are separate from one another but also One Entity known as Humankind. Moreover, because we are one, we have, at our deeper levels (the iceberg below the waterline) intra-communication and inter-communication. It is only the veils of our “ego minds” that keeps the majority of us from knowing this.

How we are deceived by the self image for we, who could be gods...We're talking here of spiritual consciousness

I will finish this essay with a poem written by an old friend of mine, Rex Bunn, who, although no older in years than me, I regard as a mentor. Quite possibly he was thinking to himself as he wrote this: What am I feeling? And the answer came: " I'm feeling I should write a poem." This one was written in 1970.

It’s in Ourselves

By Rex Bunn

It’s in ourselves, and not our stars

The ‘fate’ that locks us in like bars

And stows us on forgotten shelves

Just like our guts, is in ourselves.

No matter how we jump and dance

And blame life, luck and circumstance

When all our raving’s laid to rest

It’s we ourselves who failed the test

It’s we, you see, who had the pick

Of when to move and when to stick

It’s we that laid aside the plough

And said, “Well, this’ll do for now.”

And like the mouse that drives the drum

And purposeless, runs on to death

While prison gives us life and breath

We’ll suffer it, and dodge the scrum.

Our hard-won affluence you see

Has made us compromise, and we

Who could be Gods, just shrug and sigh

And bumble on until we die.

Quite a poem, I think you’ll agree. I hope you enjoyed Spiritual Guidance.

Keep smiling



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