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One answer for the Meaning of Life

Updated on June 28, 2009

One Question Awaiting All

the main purpose for life is to keep the species alive through procreation and by helping to insure the survival of generations to follow. We do this by looking out for the environment, the plants and animals, the weaker among us, the aged, the sick, and the lame.

We leave our legacies, small as they may be or those that last, such as an art work, a written song or poem, a novel, or through invention of something that makes it easier for all to pass through life.

Some may spend a lifetime praying and healing others, or doing important research that may save lives. Others entertain through dance, the creation of film, or simply helping someone learn how to laugh. Help;ing another give up a false god like drugs, and leading the way along the path where God, his angels, and the meek stroll among the animals.

Music, for many is the bridge between this earth and the heavens, speaking its own beautiful language to God and those who have passed before. Music is a gift often played with humility, love, and compassion for those on earth who cannot connect with others in any other way.

Struggle, pain, end of life and the other losses we all suffer are the equalizers that bend the knee of the laundress, the driver, the money changers, politicians, and lenders.

Each, in their own way must face the power and energy of God, the light, love, wisdom, and the one question only each in her own way may answer. What did you do to help your sisters and brothers when you had your earthly chance to do so?


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    • solarcaptain profile imageAUTHOR

      mike king 

      8 years ago from california

      you don't know the first thing about survival. If I took you out and left you in the woods you wouldn't know the first thing about staying alive.

      Survival mode ended for modern man when society, in the United Kingdom for example, ended when the social group decided to no longer allow the poor to die in the streets from hunger or the cold.

      If you ever took the time to read a book, visit a museum, or visit a lonely old person in hospice, you might be surprised at the accomplishments people make in the name of the betterment of mankind.

      I died and was brought back. Not a minute can be wasted of this precious life to seek, to learn and to share. Those who waste their lives thinking there is nothing to be gained through knowledge and finding the true value

      of fellow human beings will eventually be gone and become what you were in life. All those writers, in all those great books were right. They are still alive.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Your answer up there is incorrect, what you have written isn't the purpose of a life it is what life needs to do to survive. Life has no purpose


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