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How to Earn a Business Degree Online

Updated on March 7, 2008

Distance Learning is for All Ages

Get a Degree

You may be interesting in going back and finishing your education or just starting off, but either way, business is a great general major to choose.

Business Administration & Management is probably one of the more popular degree programs in any school just because most jobs and positions require a degree. Business just tend to be the fall back.

With a degree in business administration and management you can quickly rise up in position at your job. You can be manager or assistant manager at a retail store. You can become president of a corporate company.

The options tend to be endless with a degree in business, but how do you go about getting the degree while you continue to hold a full- time job? That can be the kicker, but there's an easy answer.

Get an online degree with a distance learning program.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is a great way to go back to college and finish up your college degree or start right after high school. It's a great alternative to going to on- campus classes.

For those students that found that college just wasn't for them, instead of giving up the education choices, try getting the degree online.

For working parents, distance learning is a great way to work around your regular schedule to still have that degree on your resume. It can definitely help with that future raise and advancement in your career.

If you're still a little iffy about starting a distance learning program, you may want to check out the advantages and disadvantages to getting an online education, and when you think you're ready, look for a college that offers an online program.

There are probably more colleges that offer distance learning programs than you think. It just takes a little searching to find the best one that will suit you.

How to Get Started

First, as with any college, you're going to want to decide how you're going to pay for the tuition.

Yes, even online classes make you pay tuition fees.

Look for scholarships, grants, and loans (in that order), that will be best for your financial situation. You can find a wide number of financial aid options online. Again, it just takes a little digging.

So, once you've decided what college will work and how you're going to pay for it. It's time to apply. Each college has their own application and admission requirements, so you'll want to check out those first.

Usually, on the college's website you can apply online or print out the application and mail it in. Either way, that's your first step to getting your degree.

Now, in the application, you will need to specify what degree program you want to enter. In the business field, you can usually choose between Associate's of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor or Science in Business Administration. Some colleges will offer specified business degrees such as General Business Major or Management Business Major. You may, also, see Production or Human Resources options, as well.

Second Chance 3D Online Classroom
Second Chance 3D Online Classroom
Live Campus Class
Live Campus Class

Business College Classes

Once you're approved, you can register for classes.

Some of the basic classes that you'll have to take may include:

  • English 1 & 2
  • Speech
  • World, American, or British Literature
  • A foreign lanuage course
  • Biology
  • Business Calculus
  • Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, or Earth Science
  • A History course
  • Sociology, General Psychology, Anthropology, or a another human based science
  • Computer Applications

Once you are finished with the required courses, you may see some of the following courses on the core course list for the degree program.

  • Macro Economics
  • Micro Economics
  • Accountine 1 & 2
  • Business Communications
  • Finance 1 & 2
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Principles of Management
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Statistics 1 & 2

There are a few international courses that you may have to choose from, depending on your college and degree program. They may include:

  • International Accounting
  • International Trade
  • International Banking & Finance
  • International Management
  • International Marketing

But, as you can see by getting your business degree online, you eliminate any silly courses like Jogging 101, Intro to Bowling, and Interpretive Dance.


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    • sminut13 profile image


      10 years ago from singapore

      thanks, this is really informative. i'll definitely be looking for this up in a few years' time when i am ready for distance learning. great hub


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