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Online College and University Fraud

Updated on January 16, 2010

University of Phoenix Fraud

 Education fraud, accreditation fraud, and an online college, such as the University of Phoenix, all share something in common.  Fraud!

The University of Phoenix contains no information about its graduates nor does its enrollment counselors give prospective students any information regarding what companies by name and by location have hired its graduates.  If you want proof, call up the University of Phoenix and ask an enrollment counselor what companies have hired its graduates in the past and all their enrollment counselors won't give you a name of at least 1 company.

Why does the University of Phoenix doesn't want to give out information regarding where its graduates work at?  Simply because, if one of their enrollment counselors told you that you could work at XYZ Company after you graduated, and you graduate and go and apply for an open position of employment with XYZ Company but wasn't hired, the University of Phoenix would clearly be held liable for fraud, breach of contract, and false advertising.

So, instead of being sued, University of Phoenix enrollment counselors are "trained" to say, "It doesn't matter what company hires you, it's how you market yourself and how you dress for an interview."  That's what they tell you after you graduate and you cannot get hired anywhere with your University of Phoenix degree.

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