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Online Education Bachelor Degrees for Single Moms

Updated on January 29, 2010

Single Mom going back to school - that's nuts!

Being a single mom is tough.  It’s enough that you have to balance a job, kids, and a social life then to go and add a degree on top of that!  However, if you’re reading this article you no doubt understand how important it is to provide for your children as well as develop a successful career for yourself.  With an online education bachelor degree you have the flexibility required to balance that extra but necessary obligation.

These days there are so many online universities that have accreditation with so many options to choose which degree fits you the best.  As a single mom you may be considering getting an online bachelor degree to get a new job (and salary to go with it), or get a promotion, or (heaven forbid) just to keep your job!  Whatever reason you choose to get your online degree, a whole world of opportunities will be opened to you.  Not only will you be given tons of networking opportunities but you’ll also be able to provide examples of how you worked with a team to complete projects and meet deadlines.

I understand that it’s a commitment and that there are few things that might keep you from advancing your education.  Time spent working on your degree will take away from your time with the kids.  It’s hard enough to afford things now, how will you afford an online degree program?  Will you even be able to get accepted?  If any of these thoughts went through your head consider this:

With an online education degree program schedules are flexible.  Most assignments can be done whenever you have time (provided it’s before the deadline).  You don’t have to attend classes; you don’t even have to drive to school!  If you have the kids on a rotating schedule you can save the work until it’s your day(s) off.  And if you have the kids full time wouldn’t it be worth the extra hour or so a night to know that your improving your kids (and of course your) future?

I think you’d be surprised at how affordable online education bachelor degrees are.  They’re generally cheaper than brick and mortar collages.  There’s also a ton of options when paying for them.  If you’re lucky enough to have a tuition reimbursement program at work then that’s the best option.  Even if not, there are many scholarships available even some that are meant specifically for single parents.  Combine that with federal aid and student loans and you’ll be able to afford an online degree no problem.

If you think you won’t be accepted, think again.  Make sure to find an online degree program that fits your needs.  There are all sorts of schools online from bartending to biologist and many degrees focus on sub topics, so you’re sure to find one that fits you best.  Once you have a degree program in mind complete the online application.  There are a ton of resources online if you need help completing the application or essays.  All it takes is a little bit of determination and you’ll be accepted into an online bachelor degree program.

Most online degree programs are concentrated and usually can be finished in 2-3 years.  This may seem like a long time but you’d be amazed at how quickly time flies by.  So long as you can balance your work and personal life with your online school life you’ll be well on your way to a brighter future.

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Online Education Bachelor Degrees for Single Dads - An article designed to help single dads with decision to pursue an online bachelor degree.


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    • profile image

      Rosa Berger 

      8 years ago

      I think your article is hits the points headon. You are very right in that online programs offer the flexibility that single parents need. For a long time, online programs were considered of less quality than brick-and-mortar programs. However, that is not true - maybe it has never been true.

      Online students need to have good time management skills and discipline. They also need practical advice. I wrote a few hubs with practical advice such as how to do reading assignments so they can be used for more than just one assignments. Please check out my hubs for more.


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