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Online Education For Free

Updated on May 16, 2011

Free Online Education

The Best Online Education Doesn't need to Cost a Penny!

Online education doesn't have to be about degrees and paying for what you could learn for free. There are many online courses from the top colleges MIT, UCLA, Harvard, John's Hopkins, etc that you could take for free. These are full courses from previous undergraduate or graduate years so it's no rip-off where you're getting only a taste. This is the real thing!

Open Culture

With over 350 online classes from the best colleges, this is the best first stop place to check out. Classes are grouped by subject from social sciences to buisness.

Academic Earth

A great website featuring some of the more advanced college classes from biology to physics from MIT, Harvard, and more. If you want an organized user-friendly website, this is the place to go. Classes are arranged by subject, university, and instructor.

Khan Academy

Great for reviewing middle school, high school, and some college classes taught by Bill Gate's favorite man, Salman Khan. Learn calculus from scratch or review algebra, chemistry, physics, and more as well as take practice tests. Salman always explains in a way everybody can understand (Many middle schoolers succeeded in learning high school Calculus from Khan Academy).

MIT Open Courseware

Learn from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) one of the greatest colleges in the world anywhere from undergraduate to graduate courses across numerous disciplines.

Carnegie Mellon University Open Courses

Offers a great selection of textual resources. Very useful for those who like to work faster than the pace of video lectures. Many courses in the sciences - biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, statistics, etc.


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      k west 5 years ago


    • profile image

      mtsi1098 6 years ago

      Once again the internet prevails and this time it is for learning online. The only problem I see here is that we are all measured by a certificate that measures what we have learned than by the material. Nonetheless I like to learn and will check some of these website out...thanks...bill

    • profile image

      online education 6 years ago

      Online education is great but free online education is even better.