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Online Education; the Better Choice

Updated on April 26, 2013

A newly graduate of high school must make several life changing decisions all at once. They must decide whether to go to college or not, what college to attend and more recently they have begun to decide if an online education is best. To a high school graduate who does not take part in extra-curricular activities, and online education is the best choice because the student can start his or her career four years sooner, allows greater flexibility in schedules and a student can learn more without the anxieties that come with a traditional classroom.

To the traditional college student, being a working student means squeezing work shifts at the local Burger King in between classes. This is not so with the counter-part, the sly online student. These trailblazers have the ability to hold down a real full time career on any shift, while obtaining their degree. There is no need to wait four years or more before they can even start on their career track. These online college students have the ability to build themselves within their given career right from the beginning of their college career. By the time they graduate, they will not only have a degree, but would also have gained valid work experience that is very precious in the working world. They will have a chance to surpass the traditional student with the same degree on the job market.

Time management is usually a big scary word for a college freshman. They are learning how to juggle their time, keep up with life, manage themselves, be responsible and live life outside of their parents’ homes. Online education allows a student to have more flexibility in their time management. They are attending class at 4am, on the subway, at work, while on vacation and during the reception at their second cousin’s wedding. Where ever their laptop goes, they can attend class. Learning to manage their time has never been more convenient.

Social anxiety is a real thing and it often presents itself in the classroom. Everyone experiences it from time to time and some people have a much harder time dealing with it than others. No one wants to be embarrassed in front of their peers. There is often pressure to dress a certain way, act a certain way and answer questions properly, among other things. A traditional student must face these obstacles every day. An online classroom eliminates these anxieties almost entirely. A student can attend class wearing pajamas and no one would know. They do not have to prove their popularity, how well they can explain things in class or what type of person they are. There is not this type of judgment, when the entire class is made up of an online forum and assignments.

For the average new high school graduate deciding on attending an online college is the best option because an online education allows them to start on their career track years earlier, gives them scheduling flexibility and eliminates social anxieties. As we reach an age where technology is always improving, a student attending an online college has a greater possibility of achieving their career goals.

Would you rather attend a traditional college or an online college?

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