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Online English Marathi Book Store

Updated on March 23, 2012

Granthayan Online Marathi Book Store

Granthayan is the biggest online Marathi book store with 20,855 Marathi and 1,16,901 English books. You can surf Granthayan's Marathi website with internet explorer.

Granthayan Marathi website is divided into so many sections like charitra, kavita, aahar, aatmacharitra, lalit, rajkiya, katha, vinod, aarogya, translated etc. You can select books with your interest and price. The name of the book writer and publisher is given below every book.

If you buy books above 500Rs. they will send you books without any posting charges. And now a day if you are buying 2-3 books, their cost goes above 500Rs. You can pay money after getting books in your hands. You can also pay your bill with credit card.

If you are in search of any Marathi book for a long time, granthayan is the best place for searching that book.

Online Marathi Book Store

Online Marathi Book Store
Online Marathi Book Store


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