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Online Teaching and Tutoring - List of Tutoring and Mentoring Jobs

Updated on January 28, 2018

Online teaching and tutoring jobs can be found for teachers, tutors or mentors, and even subject experts in any subject - if this is you, then you can find work from home working as an online tutor.

The Internet, brought an explosion of online tutoring and mentoring jobs as every training company, college and University started providing online classes to pupils around the world.

Below is a list of some organisations that can provide you with work as an online tutor or mentor

Tutoring can cover anything from tutoring maths, English, foreign languages, or even keyboarding skills or more industry specific courses. Maybe you're a semi-retired electrician or engineer, or perhaps you are an expert in astronomy or even astrology. There are courses being taught online in every subject.

The list below outlines some of the organisations that have online tutoring employment opportunities, followed by a list of links to their websites.

The Benefits of Online Teaching

With online teaching, you don't have to be in a classroom, in a specific place, at a specific set time. Your time is your own. Most courses are not delivered live and your role is simply to keep an eye on student progress and to give them feedback, set assignments and mark assignments.

Some of the more sophistcated courses might require you to hold webinars, which would just require you to log onto their system and deliver a class via a webcam, but at the moment most of them are not equipped to do this.

You can set the hours you work and juggle your workload around your existing commitments.

Your class size might vary from 6 to 60, but as you're managing them online it's usually easy to track their progress and contact them through the website of the learning provider.

Online Teaching Jobs From Home

One of the biggest advantages of online teaching jobs is that they are usually done from home. With online teaching jobs from home being a growth area, it opens up the opportunites for people just like you to teach your chosen subject to groups and individuals across the world - fitting in with your need for an income and the hours you have available.

How to Apply for Online Teaching Jobs

  1. The first step is to apply and submit applications to every company that you qualify for. These companies will receive hundreds of applicants weekly, so make sure you're not instantly dismissed by not following their instructions or filling out any forms correctly. Make it easy for them to consider your application.
  2. Build a good reputation if you can before you apply. If you're new to online tutoring, then why not sign up with a company like Homework and get some experience and feedback under your belt. Always make sure you take your online tutoring commitments seriously, people are relying on your feedback and prompt attention to their learning needs. The better you are seen to be doing at any one site will influence how quickly you can progress and be taken on by a better, larger or higher-paying organisation.

Freelance Tutoring Jobs

Under the heading of freelance tutoring jobs, there can be a wide variety of opportunities for tutors or trainers to undertake short training sessions, often online, or even to get involved in writing or reviewing course materials.

It's worth keeping an eye on freelance tutoring jobs too as you can never tell when a great opportunity will present itself.

Freelance jobs will be paid on a "per project" basis and projects tend to be quite short in the first instance, but once you have your feet under the table with an organisation you can often look forward to regular ongoing work, or even recommendations.

Online Tutoring Jobs Vacancies

There are many companies who hire online tutors and these vacancies can be found online.

While there are some opportunities for people without formal qualifications, having a relevant degree is a pre-requisite for highly paid online tutoring jobs of academic subjects.

Bilingual America

(Florida/Georgia only) One of the great benefits our Spanish and English Instructors enjoy is the opportunity to work from home. This is possible because we tutor by telephone. All tutoring is administered in direct correlation with the SpanishPower™ or InglésPoderoso™ Courseware. Instructor Manuals are provided as part of training.

To Teach for Bilingual America You Must:

1. Have native Spanish skill as well as a minimum of 80% English skill to teach Spanish for us.
2. Have native English skill and a minimum of 80% Spanish skill to teach English for us.
3. Have a quiet atmosphere from where to teach by phone.
4. Possess a minimum four-year University Degree. Does not need to be in field of language training. We will train.
5. Live in either Georgia or Florida.
6. Have excellent communication and people skills.

Online Teaching Jobs: Brain Mass
Online Teaching Jobs: Brain Mass | Source

Brain Mass

Brain Mass is an inclusive community of graduate thinkers from around the world. They all have unique backgrounds, skill-sets and experiences that make their individual services extremely valuable to others. You can take a quick browse through the Online TA Profiles and you will realize just how far-reaching the talents of their members are.

The intent of the BrainMass initiative is to provide a structured system for mobilizing this talent pool. This community is focused on growth. They believe that if every member contributes, they will be able to achieve successes far greater than any one person can alone.

The common interests of the community are: teaching students, earning supplemental income, collaborating academically on internal projects, sharing and creating new knowledge, changing the way students learn, and communicating actively with the outside world.

Qualifications: Applicants may register as Online TAs if they are currently working on, or have obtained, a graduate-level (Masters or PhD) degree from an accredited university.

Online tutoring employment opportunities : Capella Education
Online tutoring employment opportunities : Capella Education | Source

Capella Education

As a regionally accredited institution offering bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in five schools, Capella University strives to deliver academic excellence online to our more than 29,281 learners. Founded in 1993 with a vision of creating barrier-free educational opportunities for working adults, Capella combines high-caliber education with flexible online technology and unsurpassed university support services.

They were also voted one of the best places to work in 2008.

Some of their positions are designed to be remote “home office” settings. These include Faculty Chairs, Core Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, and most Corporate Sales positions.

Qualifications: You will need a Masters degree


**No longer operating**

Homework Help

Do you want to expand your tutoring business across the nation? or even around the globe? helps you build your own Online Tutoring Center without technical hassles. They do not hire you, they enable you to build your own business using their services and software.

They provide you with:

  • e-classroom software and training
  • e-classroom hosting (no bandwidth charge)
  • e-Commerce solution (points system)
  • Private e-classroom
  • Customer service and tech support

Meaning you can:

  • Deliver your tutoring services over the Internet to remote students
  • Communicate with remote students in real-time with Internet voice chat, text chat, file share, interactive whiteboard,...etc.
  • Check your earning in real-time 24x7
  • Receive payment from us (via PayPal) without setting up a complicated credit card merchant account to receive payments from students!

How Much Can You Charge?

You decide! Name your own fees! Typically, parents are paying between $35 to $75 per hour for onsite (home) tutoring. They suggest that the reasonable and affordable range for parents is between $12 to $36 per hour for online tutoring and live homework help. Most tutoring sessions will last an average of approximately 1 hour per session.

They also take care of e-commerce for you! You don't need to worry about how parents pay you and when you will receive payment. On the 15th of each month, HomeworkHelp will pay you via PayPal for services rendered during the preceding month.

Homework Tutoring

Homework help provide homework help as well as online learning and online classes delivered via webcam.

If you have a subject you wish to teach, then you can suggest a subject to them.

Online Teaching Jobs: KC Distance Learning
Online Teaching Jobs: KC Distance Learning | Source

KC Distance Learning

KC Distance Learning (KCDL) is a rapidly growing, for-profit education company that provides online learning opportunities to K-12 students. Markets include families, schools and school districts in all 50 states who are seeking greater quality, flexibility and choice in primary and secondary education.

Their Aventa Learning is a leading provider of online curriculum for schools and districts. The company offers one of the largest catalogs of online courses, including core curriculum, electives, foreign language, and Advanced Placement for middle school, high school and credit recovery.

Online Teaching Opportunities: Limu
Online Teaching Opportunities: Limu | Source


With Limu, you can teach or tutor any subject or skill you have mastered, whether academic, professional or hobby-related.

Real-life teachers, students, professionals, even hobbyists who have knowledge to offer can teach and tutor others who wish to learn the skills. We believe that what you know is unique and that there are many people around the world who would want to learn about your areas of Knowledge and expertise. From maths and marketing to painting and cooking, there are over 400 subject categories in which you can register your Knowledge Asset.

Knowledge Assets are any Knowledge offering that you would like to teach at Limu, from courses and degree programmes to tutoring sessions and lifelong learning.

You can offer a one-hour introduction to a subject or a Knowledge Asset consisting of several sessions held over a period of weeks or months. Because Limu is a Knowledge marketplace, it is you who decides what content to offer and how to structure your offering.

Learners Paradise

  • You provide live learning using online meeting software, skype, phone etc.
  • Create your profile, set your course content, price and let students sign up.
  • Provide free content to build your credibility among students who don't know your abilities. Example: Upload documents, Powerpoint presentations, Podcast or YouTube Video and link it from your profile
  • Answer students' questions, schedule free trial sessions when students sign up.
  • Students pay Learners Paradise before they begin the course, they release the payment at the end of the course to you.
  • You register for FREE, and only pay them only 25% of the fees you get from Learners.

Online Teaching Opportunities: Rio Salado
Online Teaching Opportunities: Rio Salado | Source

Rio Salado College

Rio Salado College staff over 1,100 adjunct instructors each semester, and are currently looking for instructors to teach in-person, online, and print-based classes.

Classes start every Monday, so they’re constantly seeking competent, caring, qualified professionals who not only possess outstanding credentials and experience in their fields, but also have the desire to share their expertise with our students

Qualifications: You will require a degree to take up this online teaching opportunity.

Smart Thinking

SMARTHINKING is hiring motivated individuals to serve as part-time tutors. The major responsibility is tutoring students of varying abilities and ages; however, responsibilities may include assisting in the training and mentoring of new tutors. Candidates can work from any place where they have computer and Internet access.

Student Questions

When registering, select the subject(s) that you are fairly proficient in. When a student posts a question, it will be forwarded to all registered users with that particular category selected in their profile. After answering the question, the student will have the option of buying your service based on your rating, feedback and resume.

After a student chooses your answer, he or she will pay you through via PayPal. A small percentage of it will go to them as commission. Make sure the answers are complete and thorough. Students select tutors based on feedback and rating!

Tutor Central

TutorCentral is a commission-based (no registration fees) site that brings students and parents in contact with reputable and qualified tutors who help to improve their grades. By having a central education and knowledge market place, students are assured of the best prices for tutoring and tutors are assured of access to multiple requests as well as secure and guaranteed billing and payment when tutoring is completed.

Qualifications: You must provide evidence of any qualifications you need to teach the courses/subjects you wish to.

Tutor Doctor

This one is a little different as it's actually a role that requires the tutor to visit the families in their homes to tutor their child. I've included it for completeness.

About 10 years ago, John Hooi had a simple idea and a desire to make a difference. He wondered why parents had to adjust their family’s busy schedules and drive halfway across town just to put their child in another classroom with more kids…when in fact it was the classroom experience that their child was struggling with in the first place. John wondered….

  • What if a tutor could come directly to the child’s home to deliver tutoring services instead of fragmenting a family’s precious time together by forcing parents to act as “taxi drivers”?
  • What if there was flexibility in the tutor’s schedule so that tutoring time slots could be scheduled to accommodate for a family’s busy schedule?
  • What if a struggling child could get one on one attention instead of being limited to the “one-to-many” teaching models used by most extra-curricular learning centers?
  • What if a tutor could develop a personalized program by working with the child’s existing homework and school curriculum instead of loading more standard textbook work on an already overwhelmed child?
  • What if average families could get access to top tutoring resources sometimes reserved only for wealthier families?

These questions and more were eventually answered through the development of the Tutor Doctor program. Over the last 10 years, the Tutor Doctor vision has taken shape. In 2003 the company turned to franchising as a way of expanding the company’s impact and meeting the vast market demand. Now with offices internationally, the Tutor Doctor vision is becoming a reality as the lives of students and their families are being positively impacted

© 2009 Dedicated Content Curator


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    • profile image

      Daniel Martin 

      6 months ago

      One of the best article. Thank you so much for sharing. Great resources like this really help others.

      I am using for years now. They provide homework help for a very reasonable price.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am a registered and licensed Pharmacist. I have a Doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharm D) with 14yrs experience in various settings. I want to available information to work as an online tutor, teacher, mentor, information specialist. Requesting details and employment opportunites, please.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi, I am a professional with my team over six years experience in classes (assignment /quiz) and online tutoring. I do thorough research in every of my work question to compile a quality, original and well analyzed work. I highly purpose to deliver so as to gain a continued student-tutor relationship if given a chance. Try me today. Contact to me -

      Thank you.

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      6 years ago

      want free tution my skype id pratheeshravi 01

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      G Sarojani 

      6 years ago

      I am a post graduater in Social (M.A). I would like to work as online tutor in social & English . I want to get the details for the same

      E Id

      No: 9701212680

    • profile image

      M Raghu Babu 

      6 years ago

      I am a post graduate in Commerce (M.Com) I would like to work as online tutor in Accountancy. I want to get the details for the same

    • profile image

      Rani Devassy 

      7 years ago

      I am graduate. I want to teach all students from 1st to 7th standard all subjects. Email ID is

    • profile image

      Rani Devassy 

      7 years ago

      I am a graduate in B A economics . I would like to work as online tutor in any subject of 4th to 7th class. I want to get the details for the same.

    • profile image

      K.R. Raveendran 

      7 years ago

      I am a post graduate degree holder in Commerce (M.Com) I have passed MBA also. I would like to work as online tutor in Accountancy. I want to get the details for the same

    • profile image

      sadhu jadhav 

      7 years ago

      I am M.A. maths want to teach all student 5th to 12th standard maths subject.

    • profile image

      shiva kumar 

      7 years ago

      i'am and passed inter ACS(Associate company secretaries of india). i can teach accountancy, company law, principles of management,company law and practice to all graduate students. on line quite interesting. pl guide me

    • profile image

      Siguru Sandhya 

      7 years ago

      I'm Graduate want to teach all students from 1st to 10th standard all subjects.

    • uneed2no profile image


      7 years ago

      Great hub. I'm using it NOW! Thanks

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am from Indian Karnataka Gadag District Gadag i am in teaching line since 12 years. I am teaching Accountancy, income tax, cost accounting, Management accounting and financial management

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is a VERY thorough hub! As the owner of an online tutoring business, I feel good about making the choice to go it my own way. This is a wonderful industry that has the option to help many students and I really hope that passionate, bright tutors are on the hunt for employment.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      I want to give tutions online. But i am confused as to which option to choose and whether i will qualify for it? Pl help,

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi, I am CRA (Clinical research associate), done M.Sc. Is there any oppurtunities foe me to do online teaching,please let me know.

      Thanks in advance

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi,thanks for the information.Iam a doctor with specialisation ( MD ) in pathology.Is there any oppurtunities for me to do online teaching? Kindly let me know.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      iam in final yr and want to tech 11 &12 online.

    • profile image 

      8 years ago

      i am also join as a online tutor...

    • profile image

      mohammed subhan 

      8 years ago

      I want to join as a online tutor.

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      I am studying B.Sc Maths...I took tuition in Home past 2 years and now also am taking tuition...Please give me a job...

    • ajayshah2005 profile image


      8 years ago from Mid Asia

      Really nice hub earner! It was really useful to me. I am looking forward to earn from these sites! Thanks.

    • profile image

      Abdul Reyhan 

      8 years ago

      great hub...

      like it too.

      help me out if you can by providing me online classes.

      I am expert of physics. I am master from IIT Delhi in the same.

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Great and useful hub! I am bookmarking for further reading. Thank you.

    • StephanieBCrosby profile image

      Stephanie Bradberry 

      8 years ago from New Jersey

      This was a great article. There were many online employment opportunities I knew about since I either worked for them or found them during my own research. But there are many I did not come across in my search. So this was extremely helpful.

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      i love teaching maths and physics.

      got 86% in graduation and competitive maths.

      i wish to teach and earn online.

      my email id

    • sunchild28 profile image


      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Very useful and informative forum you have in here.Am really delighted in this article of yours and am giving a thought on online teaching though am not a very good teacher but i believe that people like you as my pal will help me a lot in improving my skill.

    • artlader profile image


      9 years ago from Aiken, South Carolina, USA

      So comprehensive. Kudos!

      Thank you for the research you did and the time you invested in making this a useful, informative article.

      - Art

    • melbel profile image


      9 years ago from Midwest, USA

      Wow, this is a fantastic article! Very, very in depth! Thank you for the information!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      a big hub. I have found many useful online website.

    • quuenieproac profile image


      9 years ago from Malaysia

      Very comprehensive, must check this out. Thanks.

    • Stacie L profile image

      Stacie L 

      9 years ago

      this is a good review of some of the more popular sites and some I didn't know about. :-)

    • profile image

      muhammad khalid 

      9 years ago


      you provided very informative techniques

      thank you very much

      i did CA(Chartered accountant) intermediate and graduation in commerce as well

      i want to teach online

      i am also teaching at home already and taught in a college for 2years


    • Eco_Ali profile image


      9 years ago from Central New Jersey ~Trenton/Princeton area

      Hi, really enjoyed your very informative and comprehensive article. I'm just finishing up my masters in liberal studies and already have a certificate in online learning and teaching and was wondering how/where to start looking for work in this new field. Didn't really think hard about the tutoring aspect but you have inspired me to seek in that direction as well. This Hub is bookmarked and cherished!! Thanks

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i am residing in Orissa , having finished M.Com and doing tuition classes at home and giving projects and notes to many tutorials.

      I want to do on-line tuition jobs in subjects like, Accountancy (all types, like Financial accounting, Management accounting, Corporate accounting, Cost accounting, and all subjects related to commerce subjects.

      R. Mahendiran


    • profile image

      K. Bhavabu 

      9 years ago

      I am residing in Chennai, having finished M.A. and M.Com and doing tuition classes at home and giving projects and notes to many tutorials.

      I want to do on-line tuition jobs in subjects like, Accountancy (all types, like Financial accounting, Management accounting, Corporate accounting, Cost accounting, and all subjects related to commerce students.

      Please help me


      K. Bhavani

      98840 12799 (Chennai,Tamil Nadu, India)

      MY email ID:

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      9 years ago

      Hi,Congratulations to the site owner for this marvelous work you've done.It has lots of useful and interesting data.First my bunch of thanks to site owner for such a useful article. Nice article, I will book mark and share with my friends

    • sporn profile image


      9 years ago from Australia

      great list although you left one out, for Australia check out

    • profile image

      Online Teaching Jobs 

      9 years ago

      Here's another source of online tutoring jobs and online teaching jobs.

      Great hub! Keep 'em coming!

      And, good luck.

    • Neil Ashworth profile image

      George Poe 

      9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Very nice Hub. Keep 'em coming!

    • LewisSummer profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks for the info! Right up my alley, and very interesting. I'm looking into doing some online teaching too.

    • rkary3839 profile image


      10 years ago

      This is very informative. I am seeking online teaching opportunities. Thanks for writing it.

    • earner profile imageAUTHOR

      Dedicated Content Curator 

      10 years ago from United Kingdom

      Tutor Doctor started 10 years ago.

    • GreenMathDr profile image


      10 years ago

      The Tutor Doctor stole my idea but it really wasn't new. 12 years ago I started the Math Doctor Tutoring Service and we tutor in the home. It really wasn't a totally new idea then. But it is everything that the Tutor Doctor was doing, except the part about going international. Where did The Tutor Doctor start?

    • Lori J Mitchell profile image

      Lori J Mitchell 

      10 years ago from California

      Thanks for writing this blog. I'm a burned out teacher who walked away from the profession two years ago and still haven't anything else to capture my attention. I do a lot of freelance writing but it really doesn't pay the bills, so this information is very helpful. I'm actually quite interested in the Homework Helper. Thanks again!

    • emievil profile image


      10 years ago from Philippines

      Wow, thanks! That's a very encouraging reply. Bookmarked this hub and I'll start looking for that online tutorial. Thanks.

    • earner profile imageAUTHOR

      Dedicated Content Curator 

      10 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi emievil

      I know what you mean about being a non-American, because so much of the Internet is available to US residents only for many reasons.

      However, with online teaching there are opportunities within any country, for people of all experiences and skills, it's just a little harder to track them down, but they do exist.

      One great way is to look at what you can do, perhaps join a site where you can create your own courses and build up from there. The more time you spend in the industry, the more will come to your attention - people will give you names of organisations that would suit you - and by then you'll also have experience.

      Over time, it's also possible to work towards any official accreditations that you need, even if taking these might seem 3-4 years away or more, if you spend the next 3-4 years doing what you can without it, by the time you are accredited you'll also have a raft of experience under your belt. Good luck!

    • emievil profile image


      10 years ago from Philippines

      Great hub here. I'm definitely interested in online teaching and I know there are teaching sites out there on accounting. My only question is this, what are the chances that a non-American have in terms of making it in online teaching? Hope you can help me on this one. Thanks.


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