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Why The Creative Will Lead The World of Tomorrow

Updated on October 25, 2010

Freeing Our Creative Brain

To Find New Ways
To Find New Ways

Not the Strongest, but the Most Creative Survive

Tools, hunting weapons, the wheel, fire, money, trade, antibiotics, the Internet, solar power, are all evidence of human creativity. It’s not the survival of the fittest, but the survival of the most creative that’s the key to human survival. Human beings are naturally creative or we would never have lasted this long. The creative arts, music, poetry, painting, writing are a reflection, a reminder, of the creative ability that we have to survive and thrive in a world now more dangerous than ever before. The artist’s real purpose is to give us a glimpse into our natural, creative/intuitive mind that provides us with all the answers to every situation that arises in our lives. Unfortunately, most of us are effectively blocking our creativity from giving us those answers. Suicide is the final answer to having run out of answers. The human species may end up committing suicide if it, too, runs out of answers that work; but, the truth is that there is never an end to answers and solutions to living well, only an end to seeing them.

Too Much Thinking is Killing Us

What stops us from seeing them is faulty thinking. Now, God forbid that we even suggest that we humans have a common mental problem. There seems to be this agreement among us that we limit “mental problems” to an isolated group we label the “mentally ill.” Sorry, but that’s not the case! Today, we do have a common mental problem, and it’s killing us. There is such a pollution of “junk” thought, mind chatter, in our brains that our creative abilities are being choked by this garbage. This situation is very dangerous and has been increasing for years, accelerated exponentially by the advent of the 24-hour news cycle combined with the digital age. The simple secret is that we are using only a part of our brain, and not even the most important part. For the last thousand years or so, our brains have been accidentally hijacked by the increasing influence of science and technology and programmed to use primarily our analytical faculty, our thinking brain, to the exclusion of our creative, intuitive brain. The challenges of our present age are far too complex and will never be solved without using our whole, integrated brain. The rational, thinking brain can only solve problems we already have answers to, not new ones; and, today the problems that we face are mostly problems humankind, both individually and collectively, has never faced before. Our creative brain is the only faculty we have, as it always has been, that is able to see the big picture and show us what needs to be done in these new situations, and then our analytical brain carries it out.

Here Is the Solution

Fortunately, we now have a simple way to quiet the chatter, re-integrate our brain and use the whole of it. We have the ability to find the answers to critical problems faster than the speed of thought, and the capacity to do that is still right within our marvelous mind itself. If you are open-minded enough to use it, there is a simple, science based technique that, if used as directed, will quiet the incessant mind chatter, clear your mind, integrate your brain and give you access to the answers to all your personal challenges as they arise in your life. With this capability, your life can become simple, easy and even joyful. The pathways to health and prosperity will open up to you just as the road ahead becomes much easier to see when you turn on the windshield wipers in a rain storm.

© 2010, sgscalese


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