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Open dynasty in Chinese history, feudalism

Updated on April 10, 2016

According to People, the city of Chang'an in Shaanxi Province, is considered the most prosperous development capital in Chinese history, is also the center of cultural exchange between the various countries of the world.

When the flourishing Road, the Court heard the comments from the people. The culture is also incredibly open, receiving emissaries and traders from every culture.

The time of the knowledge level of the country are rushing to Market An excursion, travel. At the time of Emperor Taizong (599-649), the country (a country in Central Asia, located between the river Syr Darya and the Amu Darya) tribute a tree planted in the late Silver Gold member.

At the time of Emperor Xuanzong (685-762), this water also offers Lake dances and dancing girls tribute to King. Other countries and Abbas (Islamic dynasty, the third of the Arab people, lasted from the year 632-1258) now are all donated horses do sacrifice progressive King.

Each country messengers customary, though not kneel, my, Emperor of the Tang dynasty are also fun to receive. Unlike the time bar (1616-1912), in 1793, Macartney Embassy from Uk to China do not kneel, my King, a controversial months.

At the time, the Chang'an Road there are many foreign aristocrats. Even, they still remain in the city to do. Whether reason, they were solemn reception.

Not a few who mingle with Chinese culture, make friends with the famous poet of the time line. A lot of people live much longer in institution An get wedded also,, eventually regarded China as the motherland. Including two generals is Physical sibling Storms and Storm water who Legs Jewel An (a small country located in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, belt).

A Japanese man whose name in Chinese was the Constant, according to the Japanese Embassy to China to study. After school, he remained at Chang'an served 50 years, has a close relationship with many in the middle class.

Time lines enter and influenced by the many cultures of different courses. The evidence is to the present day, China has a lot of names of musical instruments, accessories, food carries the word "Lake".

According to the historical "East into him in line series, " the road and the Lake (nomadic seeking peoples in Central Asia, West Asia) living together, married together.

Tang forecast the people's jewelry is also very diverse. At the time of Xianzong (778-820), a population of Chang'an often wear a costume of the Lake. Women often face-painted dark red like a Kabuki actor in Japan today. Not only the way of makeup, hair also changed. This time the high bun women wobble, as are about to pour, draw eyebrows like tail "bowl".
Tang made the starting policy in a complete manner, the thought of no social, still enough. However, the world changed in vogue failure. After this, the conflict inflated, internal court battle ensued. In 907, the low Road.


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