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Operation Clean Sweep

Updated on May 29, 2010

Trying Harder When Others Are Done

What makes the difference between you and me?

When my day is over and I begin to wind down

I think was today a day I can be proud of

Did I do everything in my power to make all my efforts useful

To improve my welll being and overall life

Or was there something I didn't notice and now I see

For 99.99% of the people would say what is done is done

I think different and say how can I still make today better once again

How can I learn from who I am ?

How can I help others who don't even notice I am there

I know what I do is important

So I never throw in the towel

I look for ways to make my day a wee bit better

One that only a microscope could see

The fine print that nobody reads

That says live life to the fullest every chance I get

To love my pets

With one more kiss

One more pat on the head

To remember I live for others who now are dead

I have learned many things they have taught me

I have been helped in so many ways

I could of never understood

If it wasn't for me taking time to reflect

How can I still make my day better yet ?

Who am I to disagree

I have my health and I am very happy

They say you can't buy happiness ?

I don't have to since I feel it inside

I think about my loved ones each day when my day is quiet

I think about the lonely and the sad when my day doesn't go as I expected

I loose myself in all the most positive emotions

I let the negative ones collapse by my side

I am only one person with many dreams

That communicate with me often

I try to listen

I try to comprehend

This life of ours is so special

Even a day I have left alot of loose ends hanging

I watch many friends move on with their own lives

They take great strides in progress

They join management for a company

To go where the money is

They work for companies and sell their souls

They work long hours and give it all they got

They think work is everything and feel their job needs them

Without them their company would not survive

I do my job and come home to make my home life better

I think of how to improve my love with my wife

I think of how to help people I don't even know

I wonder what it is like to see people smile because of something I have done

I certainly don't do it for the money

I do it because something in me tells me I have to

Only then love for life is shared


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