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Operant Conditioning of the Sheeple

Updated on June 29, 2013

New Paradigm Create it Yourself

By creating a new paradigm in our minds our emotion will provide the energy to create this new way of life.
By creating a new paradigm in our minds our emotion will provide the energy to create this new way of life. | Source

Eric Fromm

The social Philosopher Eric Fromm once said . . .

"A specter is stalking in our midst whom only a few see with clarity. It is not the old ghost of communism or fascism. It is a new specter: a completely mechanized society, devoted to maximal material output and consumption, directed by computers; and in this social process, man himself is being transformed into a part of the total machine, well fed and entertained, yet passive, unalive, and with little feeling. With the victory of the new society, individualism and privacy will have disappeared; feelings toward others will be engineered by psychological conditioning and other devices."

National Security

Many of our individual rights here in America have been taken away from us in the name of National Security, this is a fact that has been widely misrepresented by those doing the taking. I call this article Operant Conditioning of the Sheeple because this is just one of the ways America has learned to keep the public in the dark.

As a country that likes to point the finger and to level blame on the presumed guilty, because they have been conditioned to play the role of the victim, pinpointing the culprit is as vague as the definition of National Security itself.

The concept still remains ambiguous, having originated from simpler definitions which initially emphasized the freedom from military threat and political coercion to later increase in sophistication and include other forms of non-military security as suited the circumstances of the time.

This is just one of the definitions Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia uses to try to define this term, which has now grown to include speaking of 'natural' disasters and outspoken critics of our government.

This all encompassing term has been the spring board to launch a wide variety of sweeping infringements of not just the rights of Americans but every person on this planet. What started with the National Security Act of 1947 and the creation of the National Security Council, has grown to take on a power of its own, that far out weighs even our own elected officials including the President. This Council now dominates US policy decisions including the use of armed force.

I'm writing this article not to expose the secret workings of our Government, as others from Jim Marrs to little known Walter Bowart have done that already much better than I could do, but to offer a way out of the situation we have allowed ourselves to be put in.

National Security is a concept which evokes patriotism and pride and is essential in manipulating the masses to agree to having their rights stripped from them.

Pride prevents many from accepting the truth, as no one is willing to believe that their own government would intentionally deceive them. Pride prevents many of us from seeing that our own destructive behavior influences others.

However recognizing this defect of character allows me to change my perspective and embrace the truth. This has given me a purpose and an opportunity to share my knowledge with my fellow human. That being said, I now realize that this perspective is actually a gift and not a curse.

So you may ask why Operant Conditioning of the Sheeple the title to this article, because many are being manipulated by those that would control the masses for their own greedy purposes. The elite of this country and the World are simple unwilling to share their knowledge and are afraid of the ever awakening populace and rightfully so!

The use of the seven deadly sins to keep us from recognizing the controls being imposed upon us has allowed The Power's That Be to practice a form of mind control. The currently recognized version of the sins are usually given as wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

As you can see one is pride and another is greed, these two have been mentioned in this article already and in my opinion are the two main reasons we have allowed, as a society, to have our rights (given to us by our fore-fathers sacrifice) to be stripped from us.

The deception of National Security is two fold, one to blind and distract us from the true motives of those wishing to keep us in the dark and the other is to allow those that know the truth (the elite) from allowing the spiritual awakening to proceed.

This leads me back to the original concept of how and why National Security is important to those wishing to suppress the truth. By creating electronic devices that manipulate the mind in a wide variety of ways from subliminal advertising (TV) to LFS (low frequency sound waves or HAARP) The Powers That Be or Original Sinners (call them what you wish, they have many names) have created a concept that allows them to strip of us of our basic human rights in the name of keeping us safe, while using these same devices to manipulate what we think and to track how we respond.

They often use emotionally charged false flag operations to set us up for new legislation they wish to impose. There are many examples of this but as I don't wish to bore you, just elicit thought provoking ideas, I will use two recent examples to prove my point.

In 1995 the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred and was neatly wrapped up with a suspect in custody within twenty-four hours. After bombing and killing hundreds would anyone really believe that anyone capable of pulling that off with very little outside help would then get in a car to flee the scene and just forget to put license plates on the getaway car, ooops darn!

All that being said, the outcome of that event enabled the anti terrorism bill that had stalled in Congress to quickly pass with very little debate.

The Omnibus Counter Terrorism Act of 1995 was on a slow track in Congress and the subject of a lively debate as to whether it would violate some fundamental civil liberties, including the right to confront one’s accuser.
Now, after the Oklahoma City bombing, there are few surer legislative bets in Washington. Democrats and Republicans issued news releases Thursday calling for the bill’s quick passage. — Terror in the Heartland: Terrorism Bill Moves Very Fast, Orlando Sentinel, April 21st, 1995

However one bill that did not pass, was called HR 2580 which would have made it illegal for me to write this article and would have come with a five year prison sentence if I were to do so.

Of course the other event or operation would be the destruction of the World Trade Centers which most of America at this point in time seriously question's and all of the rest of the World laugh's at us for believing our governments version of events.

However regardless of what one believes to be true of that tragic event, what is true is that the Patriot Act was written, debated and signed into law a little over six weeks after the dust settled. I would venture a guess that was probable a record for Congress in getting anything done, besides giving themselves a raise in wages.

The Patriot Act (a very deceiving name) gives the US government the right to tap phones with no warrant and very little cause, track internet usage, emails and cell phones.

So by keeping the populace of the one remaining Super Power left in the World in the dark, distracted with electronic entertainment and tracked by the very same devices, The Powers That Be have put themselves in a position to Condition the Sheeple in anyway they see fit.

We as a society are constantly introduced to new advanced technologies designed to entertain and inform. As we become more and more reliant on these devices for our everyday lives, we become less and less aware of ways to become self reliant. We ignore the natural world around us and rely on institutions to keep us informed on everything from weather, to the food we eat to current events shaping our world, to what we believe is true.

In the past control of the masses was done with religion, wars and limiting information to the educated, now in today's electronic age the same principles are used but is manipulated with the devices that we use on an everyday basis. However by limiting what is being transmitted through these devices affects our ability to make informed decisions.

Mind control is not a new concept, but only in the last 100 years has it become a way of controlling large numbers of people through disinformation and electronic frequencies delivered by devices we use on an everyday basis.

Blood Red Moon

Good thing I'm here to capture these images through my eyes or you might have missed it . . .!
Good thing I'm here to capture these images through my eyes or you might have missed it . . .! | Source

Prison Planet

Consider where humanity would be right now had the dark ages and all the Wars and diseases of the last 10,000 years had never occurred. Many have said that we would already be exploring the stars and inhabiting other planets. That such diseases as cancer, small pox and the plague would not have happened or their would have been a cure for them much sooner . . . now these maybe topics of another Hub entirely, the point is that these events and diseases served the purpose of slowing mankind down.

Not slowing us down from reaching the stars and beyond but slowing us down from awakening, before our sentence was up. Our sentence . . . ?

Consider if you will a crime so horrible that it is imposed not only on the perpetrators but their offspring as well. The crime doesn't really matter, but the sentence does. In a Universe where all beings are essentially immortal what would be the worse possible sentence to a crime, yes you guessed mortality.

I propose to you that we live on a prison planet designed for our ancestors and that until their sentence is up we all must suffer their fate. That fate is to live on this planet until that sentence has been served. Humanity is their offspring and have been kept in the dark as to why they are here. We have been allowed to progress as a civilization, but have been kept in the dark by the original sinners and those that act as our wardens. Our Wardens (read Passport To Eternity) have kept us from completely annihilating ourselves, but are forbidden to interfere with the original sinners except to keep them from leaving.

We live on a planet in which due to our mortality we are not able to remember the achievements of the past unless we write them down or find a way to preserve them for the next generation. Yet knowing this we have not recorded our own history to survive the test of time, surely every father and mother out there would want their children to have the knowledge they gained in their lifetime?

Considering the vast amount of information that can be found on the internet is of very little value without electricity, as a matter of fact all of it would be lost if electricity were no longer an option. Yes, there is the Library of Congress, which is located on a swamp in Washington DC, but when the Oceans rise this library may very well be under water, soon.

So ask yourselves why? Why have we not done this, or why has this not been allowed to happen.

One explanation that many do not even contemplate is that it is done on purpose, by the Wardens of this planet. I propose to you that those that do know the true nature of our existence are divided into two camps that can't come to an agreement on whether that knowledge should be shared or withheld.

As a matter of fact that very argument is proposed as the reason that the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria went to War 70,000 years ago and the nuclear holocaust that ensued.

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Learn to to take responsibility for your actions and control your life.
Learn to to take responsibility for your actions and control your life. | Source


I propose the way to change this is to share not only information, but resources, to be tolerant of new ideas and learn to show patience with regard to others that are just now awakening.

We can do this by taking individual responsibility for our actions and creating a New Paradigm that allows toLive Only Once with Hope.

What the elite or Powers That Be fear the most is the public becoming aware and awakening to our true nature of ourselves the planet we live on and our potential to give to each other.

"War is not the answer, only Love can conquer hate"-Marvin Gaye

However Operant Conditioning of the Sheeple keeps us embracing the concept of war as a symptom of National Security.


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