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Optimism- The First Step To Achieve Success And Positive Attitude.

Updated on August 2, 2016

We often feel that Positivity is the first step to success. Indeed!! It is very important. But it is not the first step. For me, Optimism has been the first step to success. There is a thin line between an optimist and a person with a positive personality. An optimist is hopeful but still with a negativity. There are ups and downs in life and if you can be optimistic in the darkest phase, you can sail your boat to reach your destination.

So, with the passion of inspiring you all, here are few of my real-life incidences and their impact on my personality. A series of failures incurring negativity inside me, I kept optimistic attitude in place which further helped me in achieving a positive attitude.

To describe shortly about me, I am Ketaki- A simple girl with not so simple dreams. Undoubtedly, I am from the city of Mumbai. A city of dreams they say, but I had to get out of Mumbai to achieve mine. Born into a Maharashtrian middle-class family residing in Borivali, my parents were Government servants. Most of my childhood has gone under the dominance of my sisters. A huge age difference of 10 and 11 yrs. says it all!! And, the apple of my eye was my Pomeranian Dog-my best friend in the family. I lost my father when I was 13 yrs. old. It was a sudden death- he died due to a heart attack. That was a point where I realized the importance of being financially independent.

So, everything was good till year 2009 when life decided to give me a blow and things started turning upside-down one after the other.

  1. Episode 1 was my Engineering entrance examination. I believed that “Hard work has no substitute” and spent the whole year studying with due diligence. Nonetheless, I did not get the expected result. Mistakes are good teachers but you learn the hard way. And being a stubborn child that was the only way left with me!! A mistake can lead to failure. An optimist would say- it is not failure, it is a learning. But can every failure be a learning?? You cannot trick with your feelings. The fact is some failures are just failures. And this gives birth to negativity inside you, especially when you are not equipped to handle a failure. I got into an engineering college in Mumbai University but not the one I had dreamt of. I was glad my family stood by my side but I always have people to judge me. My confidence was certainly very low. I was in the grip of an obsession- a feeling of defeat I was powerless to resist. Having a deeper thought, I drilled down the parameters of my failure to understand what was lacking. It was nothing but management and some smart work. My sister taught me optimism. She would bring me to a positive conclusion for the worst that has happened to me. For e.g. - It is ok if life is screwing you up, you are learning to deal with it!! I kept patience and believed that good things will happen.

  1. Episode 2 is my Hostel Experience. I was a teenager- the age where you feel you have grown up but you haven’t. I wasn’t strong because life was easy. I had been shielded with a tough covering till now, which was guarded by my parents- the only people who love you for free. It was time to leave my house and move to Hostel. I was dropped to my hostel one day prior to my 18th birthday. I still smile at that poor, weak girl because she reminds me of I am today. Hostel Life was a blessing in disguise. It was unfortunate to not find good people in college life. Maybe I expected a bit too much!! One should not expect the authenticity and innocence of school in a competitive college environment. I found people to be fake and selfish. And these words were not in my dictionary till the starting days of my college life. Being backstabbed, I went through a period of emotional disturbance. Indeed!! All that glitters is not gold. I realized I was in a hell and being alone was a nightmare for an extrovert!! I felt a surge of anxiety and life subtly whispered in my ears-“It’s not done yet”. But later on, I learnt to give a “Tit for Tat”. Keeping my optimistic attitude intact, I finally managed to find four friends in my college life. Being with them, I could sense the warmth and they soon became my world. At last, God had some mercy!! But this time I was thankful because I realized the importance of the people I had always taken for granted- my mother, sister and my best friends from school.

Soon the days started turning brighter and my belief turned into reality. I was glad as my fuel of patience had no refill left now! Later, I never looked back and turned every challenge to a success. I learnt to not judge anyone- maybe he is going through the darkest phase of his life. And you do not know what God has written for your future. Today I have a far better job than the people who judged me during my failures. Being down-to-earth is the new cool!! I regret nothing because mistakes happened during such a stage where they did not have much impact on my future.

And one fine day, the sun chose rise up so high- The day when I got an offer for MasterCard. But this is just the beginning. Now, I know to carve my way out to achieve my endeavors.

It is easy to feel defeated in life and easier is to feel pity on ourselves. Difficult is to hold on and fight for we deserve. We humans with a subconscious mind believe what repeats to ourselves. Certain incidents in life make us develop a persona about us. Failed in an exam means I am incapable. Perspective Matters!! And we have no scope for it. And then that persona drives you, keeping the reality aside. I am not blaming the incidents nor the people around me. The only person I blame is myself for giving them the authority to engrave their filth in my head. Positivity is difficult to achieve until positive things happen but having the hope is very important.

Always be confident and have a positive attitude because it creates only MIRACLES!!


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