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Optimize Your Medicinal Marijuana Experience

Updated on February 8, 2011

Optimizing Medical Marijuana Effects


Importance of Cannabinoid Receptors

The first rule of maximizing the health benefits of medical marijuana is to use the appropriate dosage. First let's explain a little bit about the endo-cannabinoid signaling system and cannabinoid receptors. All your organs including your brain already have cannabinoid receptors. Your body decides if it should make more or less receptors based on the bodies needs as well as well as stimuli from the external environment.

How to Maximize Your Receptors

It is an important note to take that marijuana in small and moderate doses sends a signal to your body to increase the number of receptors it produces. When your receptors are increased it means that you are more sensitive to marijuana and need a smaller dose to get the desired effect. On the other hand if you have less cannabinoid receptors your body is less sensitive to marijuana and you will need a higher dose to get the optimal effect. To summarize, high doses of cannabis can decrease your sensitivity to the medicine, this is known as tolerance.

Receptors and Tolerence

Building a tolerance is something most cannabis users are familiar with; however few of them are aware of the ability to produce more receptors. An example of this phenomenon is in a new marijuana patient; often a first time user will experience little to no effect from the marijuana. Upon using a second time they notice a stronger effect from it. This is due to the fact that upon the first dose the body was signaled to increase its cannabinoid receptors and so was much more sensitive to the herb during the next dosage.

Resetting Tolerence of a Long Time User

The long time marijuana user can utilize these principals to reset their sensitivity. This is not advisable for all patients since it is a fact that certain conditions require a high dose consistently. However for most, this is a great way to optimize the effects of your medicine while experiencing the least amount of side effects .

so here’s what you do….

First take a 48 hour break from marijuana. This is enough time for your receptors to move away from your current state of tolerance. Then when you go back to use marijuana, use approximately half the dose you were using before. Example; if you are smoking your medicine, use 2 puffs of high grade marijuana. You may notice that this isn't enough to get the desired effect but leave it at that for now. Now when you go back for another dose and from then on, you will notice that it is having a greater and greater effect on you!

How Much is Too Much?

If you notice that over time that your dosage is increasing due to tolerance, then it is important for you to take the 2 days off and proceed as described above in order to reset your sensitivity levels.

Experiencing Withdrawals?

Many people deny the existence of cannabis withdrawals but it is a real thing and is well documented. If you notice you are having withdrawal symptoms then you would really benefit from taking a break and resetting your system. Some withdrawal symptoms include but not limited to; loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, anger, restlessness, anxiety and a craving for marijuana.

And Plus…

When your cannabinoid receptors are up-regulated not only will you be more sensitive to cannabis but you will more easily experience natural highs. For example if you do a sport, workout, meditate or anything else you enjoy you will be more capable of feeling those natural highs. Also your bodies healing system will be more efficient at helping you deal with stressors and outside environmental influence. Many cannabis patients report rarely having a common cold or flu for example.


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    • profile image

      "Yeah" and "me" don't understand 2 years ago

      Abstaining from marijuana after prolonged usage can definitely cause withdrawal symptoms in many people. It's due to psychological dependence that manifests in physical symptoms.

      Furthermore, receptors essentially go to sleep when a person's tolerance is too high, which sometimes leads to depression and irritability. Reseting, or waking up those receptors can relieve the problem once the first few days of psychological withdrawal are over. The symptoms of withdrawal from marijuana are usually benign, but can be pretty tough to get through for some people.

    • profile image

      me 2 years ago

      Lol those are not physically withdrawal symptoms

    • profile image

      To "yeah" 3 years ago

      Im a heavy smoker and can very much feel the difference when i give it a few days in between sessions. The receptors do most their "repair" work during the first days, and then slows down. KG

    • profile image

      Yeah.. 5 years ago

      This is retarded.. Have you done any scientific research or is this all speculation based on your anecdotal knowledge? 48 hours is absolutely not long enough to reset your receptors for a long-time smokers.. Hell, it's not even enough for a casual smoker. The sad truth is once a tolerance is built, you need to give it weeks, if not months, including a regimen of proper dieting and exercising to truly "reset" your receptors.. Sure, not smoking for 48 hours might make your next session better, but that's only because your body has already processed a majority of the THC in your body.. That has nothing to do with the state of your receptors, which remain active for a long while even after your body has cleaned itself of the THC.

    • profile image

      maryjane 5 years ago

      This article was beautifully written and very informative. Thank you! I will be sure to try to "reset" my tolerance.

    • profile image

      dbhill 6 years ago

      After curing prostate cancer with cannabinoid oil, am now on a maintenance dose. Just recently reset cannabinoid receptors as described above which verifies for me that it is correct in every detail.