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Our Dying World

Updated on February 20, 2017

Our world is so big; I don’t think most get it.

We can’t even see it all, the time just wouldn’t fit.

With skies so bright, and oceans so blue, yet still, we keep some of our creatures locked in a zoo.

Mother Nature has presented us with gifts.

But instead of appreciation, some of us are profiting by teaching them tricks.

Endangered species are rising more and more each day.

Just because we can’t see the world out there, doesn’t mean we have to throw it away.

When pressed with this, most have nothing to say,

So why not wake up, and stop this madness today?

Our planet was given to us; we did not make it.

But if we keep destroying it, whoever did is going to come and take it.

Grassy plains to tall mountains, profound oceans and waterfalls,

Most of us would rather sit inside and make some calls.

Our planet is so big and there’s so much exploration to be done,

But mankind is so dangerous, even the fiercest predator would run.

Most of us do not even realize how much damage we are rooting.

Nobody thinks anything of our world when they’re playing online and shooting.

It is so easy to escape our minds, what we are always consuming.

But our Earth is in a battle to stay zoetic, but sadly she is losing.

Its hard to say when we’ll change or if we’ll last at all,

But if we continue down this destructive path, surely we will fall.

Earth is so remarkable.

It holds such magnificent beauty.

Earth is so exceptional.

It is worth an exploration, truly.

Filled with natural wonders, however they are at risk.

Corporations and companies would never care about this.

Money is the only thing that matters, well guess what,

Money can’t buy a new Earth, so I guess we’re out of luck.


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