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Our Natural Right: Suicide Why Some People Condone/oppose it.

Updated on July 8, 2012

Natural Right: Suicide

The Right to Suicide

Within the U.S and many parts of the world, suicide is prohibited. Many people are arrested or put into psychiatric hospitals which only worsen their condition and often improves it.

Why are we so against suicide? To those of us with perfect lives - living life with minimal fears, suicide seems totally pointless. To us, suicide is to be feared. To those whose every seconds is filled with pain - suicide is heaven. Why must they continue to live in paranoia, pain, or fear?

Shouldn't they have the right to their own body?

Why do People have the right to suicide?

Implied Right: It's their own body

It is a fact. Suicide is not matter of choice by other people. It is the decision of the invidual who owns his own body. If the individual so feels that they no longer want to suffer conscioulsly, why can't they kill themselves? Afterall, we choose to live, why can they choose to die? Is it such a hard concept to grasp? A person who dies can not have regrets of what may be if they've lived. That takes imagination - something which does not exist in death.

But, people who are against suicide usually don't do so because of logical reasoning but more of societal conditioning and emotion related reasons

Why are Many People Against Suicide?


Religions like Christianity teaches that suicide would result in a direct entry to hell and thus, religions develop an apriori disapproval of suicide. To them, suicide is evil.

That however changes nothing. An individual owns his own and has the natural right to do whatever he/she wants to it.


Societal conditioning has portrayed a negative image of suicide. TV reporters always depict suicide victims as insane often seen handcuffed while dragged into a police truck. Again, people develop an apriori disapproval of suicide based on an emotional fear rather than reasoning.

Again, That does not change the fact that a person owns his own body. Restricting a person's choice of suicide is equivalent to restricting a person's choice to live. To someone about to suicide, death is life. To an ordinary person, death is hell.

Possibility of Recovery

Another argument made by many is that a person may get help and quit contemplating suicide, but this is merely a possibility that is yet to occur. If a person kills himself, he/she will not live to regret it. They essentially die happy.

I can tell you that during my Middle School years, I contemplated suicide all the time and if I had done it, I won't exist to have regrets. It would have made no difference. Now, I really enjoy life, so I choose to live but if I want to die, I should have the choice to die.

Sorrow Inflicted on Relatives

Many religions love this argument. They say it is selfish to kill yourself and made your relatives suffer. Well, it is just as selfish for them to let the individual suffer. But so what? Is being "selfish" bad? No. It is no worse than being generous; however, we have been conditioned through the church, through friends and family that selfishness is bad when really its a neutral quality that is neither good nor bad. Meaning is a human quality which is nonexistent outside of our minds and interpretation. Like I said, a person has the right to do whatever he/she wants to his own body.

Suicide ought to be legalized as much as gay marriages. People have the right to be happy as well as the right to be depressed; the right to love as well as to hate; the right to live and to die. Understand that by forcing an individual to live - you are not doing them any favors.


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    • Katharella profile image


      7 years ago from Lost in America

      Two things to remember on this subject.

      Depression is sadness of the past and anxiety is fear of the future.

      Anxiety can push a person into depression by a pattern of thinking history is going to repeat itself.

      By your saying they still have the right to decide, well, the law really has no choice in the matter other than if the person does not succeed, than to try to save their life. So it's a moral responsibility. How many people have you known, that tried, and did not succeed, and got a jail sentence rather than a hospitalization sentence?

    • NathanielZhu profile imageAUTHOR

      Nathaniel Zhu 

      7 years ago from Virginia Beach

      True. But "help" doesn't always help, especially in people whose pain are genetically triggered. No medicine or therapy can reduce the pain. In this case, there's no reason why he/she can't suicide.

      Christians do not suicide as many point out because the bible condemns such people to hell. It's merely a fear of death. On the otherhand, they say they're hurting their family and friends so they search for therapy (which may or may not work).

      At the end of the day, whether a person chooses or chooses not to suicide doesn't impact the fact that suicide is a choice no one has the right to take away.

    • Katharella profile image


      7 years ago from Lost in America

      It's a sensitive subject. If you choose to do it, and mean it, then you don't ever end up in the psych ward. Nobody can look around an think.. "My wife will be hurt, my friends or anybody" In fact if you mean to do it, then consequences aren't there.

      A true Christian would know this isn't proper thinking patterns and seek help.

      Someone meaning to do it, does it at a time they choose and the way to do it. Religion has nothing to do with the decision. Unless of course you're in one where you're a suicide bomber. That's not a religion, that's a political brain washing.

    • Kasshyde profile image


      7 years ago

      Do you think its right to "arrest" someone who is attempting to commit suicide? If they don't manage it because they aren't a hundred percent serious, or even because they were unlucky enough to be caught the first time, isn't it rather wrong to make their lives even more miserable by being processed through the penal system?

    • Doctor Kristy profile image

      Kristy Callan 

      7 years ago from Australia

      I believe euthaniasia should be legal. But not suicide.

      I understand the feelings people have when they feel like committing suicide... I've had them.

      I also understand how some people feel like it's their only option, and that they are so unhappy only death will save them.

      Someone once killed themselves in front of me. While it was horrifying, I felt an immense sense of relief for them that whatever emotional\physical pain they had been suffering from in their lives was over.

      But I reckon that if people were to condone suicide, people would begin to see it as a way out for more problems.

      Condoning suicide is a step too far, I think. People that are truly miserable and truly want to die will in most cases do it anyway, like over 1 million people a year do.

      But making it socially acceptable will get the wrong types of people to kill themselves for problems easily fixed. The trouble is a lot of people can't comprehend "dead", and that it's final. Making suicide okay would result in more stories like this, in which a six year old girl sent to her room killed herself.

      Surely you guys don't think it's okay that a six year old girl, whose only grievance was being sent to her room, should have done that?

    • NathanielZhu profile imageAUTHOR

      Nathaniel Zhu 

      7 years ago from Virginia Beach

      I agree, but most people want to stop suicide no matter the situation which is why I made this hub.

      It probably won't convince them of anything, but at least I tried.

      Actually, this hub was flagged for "Mature"

      Are they serious?

      I am conveying an obvious message and my hub was unpublished for that?!

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 

      7 years ago

      I wonder why suicide should be a debate. Do people have to ask for the consent of the society before they could take their own life? I think it is that natural fear of Death that is causing suicide to be a debate.


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