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Our Soul Continually Evolves

Updated on October 10, 2009

We are all headed back to SOURCE.  Creator  or God.  Use whatever words you like and those which suit your belief system.  In this regard there is no judgment for any lifetime we have lived.  The goal is to learn our lessons, pay off our karma and ascend in our consciousness and awareness and perfect our capacity to unconditionally love all life forms and people and develop our capacity to share that  "GREAT LOVE' for all that is.   The little poem below came to me a few years ago when I was wondering about how things began and all of that good stuff.   May it hold a couple of gems that sparkle and awaken some memories in your own soul.    

We began this journey long ago

in the world of time and space.

Spirit wanting to take on form

created worlds all over the place.

Hills, valleys, mountains and seas

were created to cover the land.

Forests, flowers, ferns and trees.
Rolling waves to embrace the sand.

Fishes to swim in the water.

Birds to sing and fly in the air.

Creatures took the first breath of life.

The elephant, the ape, and the bear.

The early times on earth were glorious.

Perfection existed for thousands of years.

Love prevailed along with peace.

Unheard of was war or fear.

Slowly greed entered mortal hearts.

Then came wars, destruction and death.

People experiencing pain and pleasure

forgot what life was like before their first breath.

Life on earth is a dream although it seems

real to those of us who are here.

When we have paid our karmic debts,

our clouded vision will again be clear.

We are all progressing, we cannot turn back.

We are moving closer to where we began.

To liberate ourselves from mortality

is the goal of every woman and man.

We are not of this earth; we are here briefly

to awaken our souls to divine love.

When we succeed we will be free

to soar skyward to realms above.

Remember these words when you are sad

and no peace in your soul can be found.

Listen to your heart and never lose hope

because your soul is upward bound.


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    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 8 years ago from Colorado

      Just beautiful!