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Our World From an Optimistic's Point of View

Updated on November 25, 2019
Davie Chen profile image

Davie is a passionate consumer of nonfiction literature and knowledge distributor for the purpose of enhancing people's lives.

Do you know someone who is always happy regardless the occasion? No matter how bad the situation is, s(he) always manage to find positive things like if s(he)'s having a bulletproof aura to cynicism and negative thoughts.

I do know one - me.

I feel sorry for my friends because I have dedicated my thoughts to find at least a couple of positive things from one negative. I have pissed off many people over the years by not hiding my character.

Allow me to create a better illustration for you after this awesome photo.

Being Inappropriate

I'm at my 30-something so you can easily picture some of my life experiences. They are not different from yours, we all have loved gracefully, hugged a person without letting go, had the best meal in the world, had moments in which you were not able to stop smiling, had a vital argument or lost someone meaningful.

As a supremely happy person, I always try to console a sad person but I've come to notice that I haven't been always doing a flawless job. And perhaps that's the reason I have made people angry by accident.

Here, these are some of the situations I wish I haven't ever opened my mouth for:

A person who got her heart broken:

"I should've never trusted him on all the promises he has made for being a different person. I have wasted all these years waiting for nothing."

Me as an inappropriate friend:

"But at least you're not 40-year-old and you can finally do things you have always craved for like traveling alone and enjoying your own life."

That didn't sound bad, right? Well, her sadness escalated entirely to a new level and started to judge me for being a cold hearted person since all she wanted was to stay with him because she has waited all these years to establish a family with her boyfriend. I should've thought it through before opening my mouth.

Here's another inappropriate consolation:

A person who got fired:

"Today's the worst day of my life. I have betrayed the expectations of my parents, wife and children. I'm even embarrassed to tell my other friends about the happening. Please, do keep a secret from other friends."

Me as a highly positive friend:

"Hey, c'mon man. At least you don't have to pretend being happy anymore. Your family haven't had a career as shiny as yours so you can be proud of that and now you can spend time with them and start the new hobby of scuba diving that you have always complained about not accomplishing back in your college times."

Again, that sounds very mundane and innocent, but he was furious after hearing it because his family DOES have monumental expectations of him because he was the first college graduate who pursued a PhD and all these achievements wouldn't have been real if his parents haven't had worked 12 hours a day of hard labor jobs. His wife, a former accounting manager of a respected firm has quit her job to take care of the children.

Oh my, what have I done time to time.

Being Grateful

Nonetheless, the best trait of being a happy person is not being affected by other people's negative thoughts and cynical emotions. Even though I have angered some of my friends, my mind still wasn't receiving the feelings alike. I know, it's an awesome shield but at the same time, a quite selfish skill to be honest.

Being a vivacious person, the world seems to be filled with unlimited amount of hope. Opportunities are everywhere and anything is possible if giving up is out of the equation.

Vibrant people are usually grateful for everything. Allow me to paint you a picture with these facts:

  • You were a decision away from being unborn.
  • We are able to call or visit the people we love.
  • We are able to use our senses to feel the environment.
  • If you are able to read this article, you have access to the Internet and being able to do so, you have access to unlimited opportunities to make your wishes come true.
  • There are numbers of variations of dangers everywhere. Even staying inside the house creates a chance altering our lives to burglary.
  • Our bodies are filled with cancer cells. Even living the healthiest lifestyle by today's standards could transform the good cells into bad ones. Usually caused by external factors.
  • Our brain enables us to have emotions, thoughts and an ability to control our bodies.

The list can be very long. Longer than The Great Wall.

Small Outro

I'm not asserting that people have to wake up with a grin in a face every morning but people should think about possessing the habit and integrating it into the morning routine. It's not a myth that even a factitious smile lifts mood of a person when the day is going south.

Smile more because one more smile equals to one less frown.

Thank you for reading, until next time.


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