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Our one foot is bigger than the other, what is the reason

Updated on September 5, 2009

Our one foot is bigger than the other, What is the reason?

            The man at shoes store measures our foot, when we go to shop.  We know that one of our feet is larger than the other.  The reason is not known; yet, it is certain.

 Our body is asymmetrical and the fact is related to this. Our body is not made up of two identical halves, right or left.  We can observe it ourselves to make sure, for certain. We notice through mirror that our right side of face is slightly more developed than the left side. The right cheek is more prominent; the mouth, eye and ear are moulded with greater precision.

The other side of the logic is true for the other half of our body.  The legs do not carry same strength or dexterity.

The left side houses heart and the liver is on the right, the body is not balanced internally.  As a result, there of, our body skeleton development, is unbalanced.

There is tremendous effect, of this slight difference on ourbody.  The uneven structure of our body causes unevennessin our walk.  In fog or snowstorm where we cannot see, as a result, we will walk in a circle.  Similar is the case for animals, as their structure is also uneven.  In case of blind fold driving one would resort to driving in a circle.

Now, we come to the people who are left-handed and right-handed.  Their study is very curious.  This is not due to asymmetry of body but, of the brain.  The left half of brain controls the right side of the body, and vice cersa.  Since the left half of brain predominates over the right half, thus right half of our body is more skilled and makes us right-handed.


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    • profile image

      Jacky 5 years ago

      I think the left of the body is bigger because the heart is on the left side

    • profile image

      Paddy O'Bigtool 6 years ago

      My right foot is bigger than my left. I believe this is because there is more weight on the right side as I hang to the right. (A lot more weight might I add)

    • profile image

      lipsntony 6 years ago

      sorry vicki but u haven't a clue what ur talking about. Im right handed but its my left side which is bigger

    • profile image

      vicki nelson 6 years ago

      my opinion is the reason for one foot being bigger than the other i think is depends on if you are left or right handed.i think if you are right handed the right side of your body is bigger and the same with left handed people

    • profile image

      jhon maley 7 years ago

      my left testicle is significantly larger than my right. how does this fit in with your grand scientific theory.