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Our Position in Islam

Updated on February 19, 2018
Iqra Tahir profile image

Hoping to make a difference by sharing personal experiences and positive mentality to enlighten my own knowledge &moreover to help others:)


Equality is the pathway to justice and who on earth don't asks for justice?

And Islam is the only religion that treats every living being justly as the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has shown us the best ways for treating everyone with love and care by showing his kindness even to the non-believers.

He said:- "Allah will not show mercy to him, who does not show mercy to others."

Therefore, in order to attain Allah's mercy in this world and in the hereafter, we need to be merciful to his creation that includes all human beings as well as animals.

Women in Islam

Islam gives strong position to women in every stage of life. And every position has its own grace and respect.

Allah accepts a daughters prayer for her father and make her a Rehmat for the whole house.

In Quran Allah has mentioned clearly the rights for the women as a wife and therefore grants her the equality in the household.

And for mothers the respect and position is even more widened as Prophet Muhammad pbuh said:- "Heaven lies under the mothers feet".

Distribution of duties

Men and women are clearly given equal rights and duties in Islam.

Men for being more stronger physically they are given duties for earning and maintaining the outside duties for his family, while the women being more expressive and affectionate are given in house duties of rearing children, maintaining the household internally and fulfilling the rights as a wife within the house. Staying inside the house does not effect women in a bad way. This actually saves them for being degraded by going out and facing the world. The cruelty and harshness of the world is becoming even more unbearable for the females all over the world. Islam promotes education for both men and women but in a perfect manner so that not a injustice could be done. Even in the western countries where people argue that they work on women.s liberation and therefore they are represented everywhere from jobs at receptions to the ads of different things, women are being degraded.

But Islam saves women's position for every era therefore they are stopped for being this much representative for the world so that they can't be harmed. In the Quran it is clearly mentioned that 'clean women are for the clean men and clean men are for the clean women'

Certainty and equality can be maintained easily in a family by following the teaching of Quran that is the guidance for whole mankind.



Islam is a beautiful religion. Allah has made the things perfectly and only he is the maintainer and the sustainer of everything.

The Glorious Quran is the perfect gift of Allah for our guidance that contains knowledge and solution of our every single complexity that we face in the lives.

As a muslim we should never forget that one day we have to return to our Lord. So, start preparing for it before it gets to late. As in Quran Allah says: "Whoever does evil or wrongs their soul then seeks the pardon of Allah he will find Allah forgiving and merciful" (quran 4:110)

Don't forget that this world is temporary but the Hereafter is permanent.

--- make dua in every situation surely Allah responds to His callers :)

© 2018 Iqra Tahir

i won't mind if you comment your opinions :) May Allah give us more knowledge to share and more appreciation and success to attain. Ameen

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    • Saim Cheeda profile image

      Saim Cheeda 

      8 months ago from Karachi


    • Abhaque Supanjang profile image

      Abhaque Supanjang 

      8 months ago from Kumango - Batusangkar - Sumatera Barat - Indonesia

      Great..., Iqra...! Hopefully, your hub will inspire other authors to write more about this matter. And, keep internalizing Al-Qur'anul Kariem to make you more mature in your Islam...!


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