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Overstocked Kisumu County School Benefits from German Sponsorship in Kenya

Updated on February 1, 2015

The development after the wait

As schools are scheduled to re-open for their first term, Migosi primary School located in Kisumu City’s Migosi Estate is to resume learning sessions in 2015 under unfamiliar classrooms. Located approximately 300 metres from Kondele when one walks past this school, the most noticeable thing is a compound full of debris and busy constructors swarming around the just dug foundations.

Much is added to this by the new temporary class rooms and administration block which have been made up with used iron sheets from walls to the roofs. Though a clueless person may mistake this for a mere construction; it is a multi-million project that was initiated by the former Coalition government back in 2008 and is expected to be ready by January 2017. Class rooms, a spacious hall and administration block form-all contained in 3-storey buildings—will form part of the 6 year-old project.

According to the PTA chairlady Purity Chengo, the project that is currently being constructed by a Chinese company, China Jiansung International is funded by the German government. It constitutes the second phase after the first was completed in Nyamasaria primary school Kisumu County, among others. She further explained how the school landed the implementation of the project, despite the large number of eligible public schools in Kisumu County.

“We qualified for this project due to our high pupil population, and some of them come from poor backgrounds and others are total orphans. Three quarters of our pupils come from slums such as Obunga, Kamakowa and Manyatta down”, said Chengo. She added that the project that is set to be launched in the next two years after the completion of the constructions took prolonged and spirited intervention of the school’s committee to convince the then government for consideration.

With a population that goes beyond the 2,000 mark and the school already running four streams, Migosi Primary School looks poised for accommodation challenges for next 24 months. This has been felt even in the recently released KCPE examinations, where there were 214 registered candidates.

“It is a good project, perhaps the challenges we would expect after its completion will be shortage of teachers due to the growing number of pupils”, explains Samuel Orek, a member of the PTA committee. For Orek, the school has been compelled to enroll a huge number of pupils because of its tendency to support vulnerable pupils from poor families.

Meanwhile, the abolishment of the ranking system in KCPE examination has aggrieved many parents. Chengo revealed that abolishing the ranking of schools presents a new challenge for them as a school because they cannot compare their performance with those of the neighbouring performing schools like Arina and MM Shah primary schools. Her sentiments are echoed by Mr Evans Lumumba who is the headmaster at Migosi S.D.A primary school, just a few kilometers way.

Lumumba said that with the exit of the ranking system in the Kenyan education sector, parents will not be able to assess the best schools to take their children and that it will bar the public from knowing the performance of schools.

Migosi SDA primary is one of the top private schools in Kisumu County, judging from their impressive performances over the past 10 years. This has made parents to constantly drool for the admission of their children. He also appealed for the government to rank schools in accordance with the number of candidates they have registered so that there is balanced field.

Most private schools have relied on their bright academic performances as a way of marketing. The ban on ranking system may mean that such schools have to come with alternative means of marketing to admit more learners.

Debris of older classrooms that have been demolished to give way for the construction of new classrooms in Kondele
Debris of older classrooms that have been demolished to give way for the construction of new classrooms in Kondele

My take

Kondele primary in Kenya's lakeside Kisumu city is a home to the poor children of that of that city. With that large population, this school can manage to post above average performance in the national examinations such as the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. Children deserve equal privileges irrespective of their backgrounds. This justifies the upgrading of the school and it is indeed a morale-boosting initiative for the young children.


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